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    Thank you for your reply.

    I appreciate your gesture and I am grateful for unbanning me. However I still believe that you were a little bit hasty in your decision to place a ban.

    What I wrote was 100% accurate. I was not crashing the heli, I was merely trying to fly it and did some nice kills in it but with no support from the gunner, could not do much.

    It is not my fault that I was placed in the driving seat all the time and to be honest if you would ask politely I would give you the stick time to time.

    Anyway try to be more understanding for other players and not use the last resort for a real offenders like cheaters or bullies.

    Once again thanks for taking off the ban.



    Dear Server Owners,

    Today I have tried to enjoy one of your BFH servers, however this experience has been spoiled by one of the Admins, who banned me from it.

    Real Reason: Flying heli
    Reason given: Crashing heli

    I admire you allow people with severe mental retardation enjoying the game and you welcome them on your servers but you should not, under any circumstances, give them ADMIN privileges.

    I was banned simply because I was flying heli and I assume that the gentlemen ( or I presume 12-14 yo Justin Bieber's fan) who banned me, wanted that too. So he decided to get rid of me from the server, so he can enjoy it himself. I got 10-9 score at the time of the ban and 9 deaths was caused only by the fact, that mr [TURK]RAGEaftersometing chose not to help mi with shooting, despite being encourage to do so by other users of the server.

    I must admit this is first time I appeal a server ban, and I have never seen anyone being banned for simply using it according to the rules of the game. If mr RAGE wants to fly the heli all the time by himself, I suggest he play this game alone. From his behaviour I presume that he is custom to playing alone, mostly in his bathroom....or maybe with his uncle, that would explain a lot.

    I urge you not only to remove this ban but to revoke admin privileges from mr RAGE immediately and for ever. Such behaviour not only gives you a bad name but also puts to shame the whole admin community.

    Kind Regards