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    For me alone the fact, that he quits everytime a spectator enters the server is enough that he hacks or at least is using a tool which warns him. Why should someone use such a tool if he hasn't anything to hide? I mean quitting 2 times 3 times could be a coincidence but everytime? No way this dude is clean...

    Does anyone know, how the spectator warning works exactly? I mean couldn't we trap him if the spectator warning only warns when someone joins the spectator mode rather than already being on the server? If it only triggers by joining we could trap quitters this way..

    Excuse me, if I used a language which you aren't natively speaking. My fault then, because the stats page shows your location as Germany. But what I wanted to say is no one is taking yard31 serious. He is there like all the time, there is not one player in BFH playerbase he didn't accuse. You can't imagine how many times he "insulted" me and accused me with hacking. I just laughed and kept playing :D You are literally the first guy who reported him for this. So there must be a reason why so many players didn't take his words serious. Try to be less sensitive to yard31-like players. And by typing "!report" he can't reach anything since it is disabled for non-VIP players (afaik at least). Anyways it is up to admins what they are going to do with him.

    Meine Fresse bist du empfindlich. Selbst wenn er dauernd jeden cheater nennt, na und? Er ist einer der ältesten Spieler in BFH. Quasi Stammspieler. Er hat doppelt so viele Spielstunden wie du. Wenn er mich oder einen meiner Freunde als "hacker" beschuldigt und "!report xxx hack !yes" schreibt, dann lachen wir meistens oder reagieren überhaupt nicht darauf. Er ist einfach harmlos.

    Du bist viel zu empfindlich. Wenn du mal darauf achtest, bist du der einzige, der ihn hier meldet in all der Zeit. Blockiere ihn einfach über Origin und du siehst nichts mehr von ihm. Deine Meldungen über rassistische Äußerungen sind ja ok, aber sowas... einfach zu kindisch.

    One word to describe BF V: shit.

    Spawn system is utterly shit

    Spot system, which is completely removed, is shit.

    Map layout and enemy standout is shit.

    You need a 4K UHD monitor to see enemies.

    Gameplay feels slow, assignment system and the overall menu is confusing and misleading.

    That game feels like from an indie developer rather than a AAA title.

    If you guys want a decent game with modern setting, here you go: WW3

    BigDukeSix Im ersten Video spottet er den Heli, dreht sich aber schnell nach links um, sodass die Hand-Animation verzögert eintritt und es so aussieht, als würde er durch das Haus einen Gegner spotten. Und im Allgemeinen möchte ich darauf hinweisen, dass man bei maximaler Mini-Map Größe und Zoom auf der Dustbowl Map beispielsweise von B aus Gegner in C sehen kann. Das ist bei mir immer der Fall. Mit genug Erfahrung, weiß man dann, in welche Richtung man blicken muss, wenn der Gegner getarnt ist.

    Ich denke der Typ ist einfach nur gut, den habe ich früher auch oft verdächtigt weil wir quasi immer einen FAL-Kampf ausgefochten haben.

    Hi guys,

    people who know me, know that I am a big arena FPS fan/lover, because I "grew up" with the games of id Software and Epic Games, such as Doom, Wolfenstein, Unreal and Quake. I am especially a big fan of Unreal Tournament and Quake, the "alpha males" of this beautiful FPS genre. Since the playerbase is very small, I am trying to bring as many people as possible into these games. Since Quake is pretty much the last representative of AFPS, I wanted to let you all know that Quake Champions is permanently free on steam!

    As Revan mentioned in his post, QC is now permanently free on steam.

    There are bots in the game now. So new players won't get stomped by veterans but they will play against same skilled players or entirely against bots if they want. So who missed my post and wants to give it a (new) try, check it out on steam!

    Now and then I try to explain my friends, who don't know arena FPS, why I am so fascinated by this genre. I think I finally found a video, which perfectly sumarizes my thoughts and gives a brief overview to the topic:

    I was playing against Bronse yesterday and we had a little challenge as he wanted to taser/defi-kill me and I denied it with counter attack. Got him like all the time and there was not a single bad word towards me. I can't say this is a general behavior (which would lead to a ban). It seems like you guys have a personal deal ;) (I don't know him btw)