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    [...]while playing against Fata1lity and some other random people.

    You mean Fatal1ty. Like I mentioned before, it's sad to hear Quake isn't for you. Every new player is a win for the Quake community. What was your ingame name? CampToKill again?

    Whoever has the game, liked it and will play now and then, feel free to add me: Opt1X (my ingame name, not my steam name)

    I am pretty sure I was playing against people because bots don't add you to tell you "F U" with death threats. I lol'd at the kid that added me then I reported his profile. His profile isn't active anymore. Unlike EA, Steam actually does take action on people.

    Such players are very rare in Quake since the playerbase is pretty mature and everyone knows in what kind of game they are bringing themselves. Quake is a punishing game but if you don't give up it is extremly rewarding. A german player insulted me heavily today because i probably destroyed his fun :) New players can be frustrated very very fast and thats why the whole Quake community is welcoming and onboarding new people as good as they can at the moment. If needed I can advice some very useful Youtube/Discord channels and Twitch streams for new players. Here is a video from a Quake veteran for new players. It is the basics of Quake Champions in 11 minutes.

    Being New Is Hard

    19-3 my first round ....

    Started with Quake 2 on the classic PSX - Multitap 4 Players on 14" Screen.

    My first stay awake night with my friends 1999 ...

    The onboarding in QC is working fine now, as you play your first rounds against bots, until you reach a certain level and/or do your daily assignments. You will recognize them by their 0 pings and by their particular names:

    - runNgun

    - Cringe Fiesta

    - CheeBeef

    - DontHate

    - ezPotat

    - DieApotheke

    - sturgidmurgrid

    - Slambert

    - NoMeGrites

    - AbsolutePower

    - Urkulele

    Cacho I have reported many people before...most of them still playing so I guess EA does not give s... about BFH or in fact any of their titles. I will always put it on log but seem to have no effect at all

    EA only cares about money. Once they sold you the game, they don't give a flying f anymore.

    I think that now there is a degradation of fps-genre

    Exactly! Quake was the game which founded the competitive FPS scene and even the clan mentality. It was the first game, where players built clans and fought against each other. Pity, not many people know it. Then I would say welcome to the Quake community. It is one of the best if not the best gaming community. Most players are around 30 and the playerbase is very mature compared to other games. There are many groups and channels to help out new players with the basics of the game. I am trying to make a contribution here :) Besides Clawz there is another Belarusian player named Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevsky :) You may check him out as well.

    After the release there is not much to buy actually. You can either buy the whole champions pack, (which gives you access to the "custom game" mode where you can have some fun with your friends only and of course all current and future champions) or the basic version with 2 champions available. Since you got your free basic version, you can play Quake Champions whenever you want, even after the free week. This free version is for good.

    After the free week announcement of Quake Champions, the playerbase got a boom. From 500 daily players (average) to a 14.6k peak. This affects the matchmaking system. Now all new/same skill players can be put into the same match. You probably had a match against bloody newbs and/or bots. Bots can be recognized by their 0 ping.

    If you were in QC from the first day, you would have ran into veterans/pro players :D I don't want to imagine your score then :D

    Get your 3rd champion and lets duel at some point. Requirement for duel mode is to own at least 3 champions. Lemme check your skills :P

    It is pretty much like every other Quake game except of the new trend "champions". In the earlier versions you jumped into the arena, grabbed your weapons and started to frag your enemies. This is the definition of Arena Shooters. Everyone is equal, everyone has the same amount of health and armor but you can collect items and increase your health and armor for your benefit. All weapons are in the arena so only skill matters. In Quake Champions however this has changed a bit. Now you have different champions which means different health and armor for each champion + champion ability. One champion (Nyx) for example can disappear for a few seconds, another champion (Visor) can wallhack for a few seconds and so on. It may look like a stupid game with only shoot and kill but there is a decent amount of strategy involved since you have to control the items to have an advantage otherwise you won't last for long. I hope I answered your question :)

    For more informations: Quake website

    Here is an example video:

    Here is a gameplay of a pro player named "toxjq":

    For all, who got the game and joining for the first time: be sure you play the tutorial, which introduces you to the basics of the game. This way you will learn Quake in a nutshell and earn 1 extra champion (Scalebearer) + 200k favor (ingame currency). If you have 250k favor, you can buy a champion of you choice for good. Or you can spend your favor on backpacks (2000 favor = 1 backpack). Backpacks (have 1 item slot) give you rune challenges (similar to the assignments in BFH), weapon/armor shaders, with a bit luck legendary weapon skins and even champions. But the chance to get a free champion is higher in Reliquaries (biggest boxes in game, have 3 item slots). Every level you level up, you get 1 free chest (has 2 item slots). Every 5th level you get 1 reliquary. If your have a twitch account and you link it with you bethesda account (which you have to create when you join the game for the first time) you have the chance to watch Quake Champion streams and get free lootboxes just by watching :)

    is this nice geme bro ?

    Well, it depends on your personal preferences. But for me it is the best FPS game out there right now, like I mentioned in my opening post. It is not for everyone, tho. This game has many pillars like aiming, movement, arena/item control. So even tho you have a good aim, you can get negative scores. Thats why the most new players leave after a couple of matches.. especially when they run into veterans :D

    Hi guys,

    people who know me, know that I am a big arena FPS fan/lover, because I "grew up" with the games of id Software and Epic Games, such as Doom, Wolfenstein, Unreal and Quake. I am especially a big fan of Unreal Tournament and Quake, the "alpha males" of this beautiful FPS genre. Since the playerbase is very small, I am trying to bring as many people as possible into these games. Since Quake is pretty much the last representative of AFPS, I wanted to let you all know that Quake Champions is free on steam from 11.06 - 17.06. It is the basic version of the game, which means it has 2 Champions available but you can get more champions out of loot boxes. The game will remain in your library after the end of the free week.


    Here are some helpful videos for the beginning:

    What is Quake Champions?

    Power Ups: Turning the Tides of War

    Health, Armor, and You: Controlling your Stack

    I hope to see many of you in the Arena! My player name is "Opt1X" in case someone wants to add me :)