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    Lmao...:D Well atleast he is not boosting with a know cheater..*cough* niko *cough*, mr "fairplay"

    So this time I actually can record my gameplay? I dont know why youre assuming I'm raging, all I want to (and wanted to do months before), is to ban appeal..

    I'm going to stop commenting after this.

    1st of all I'd like to appologize for any "dick" behavior in my original unban request thread. At the end of the day the server is yours Anti ,and so is the decesion.

    Anyway, a friend of mine from the LF e sport "squad" usually does montage clips (not promoting anyone, or anything), but if you take a look at this clip :

    around 1:01, you can see a snap, and we all know they're not hackers, all I'm trying to say is snaps do happen, even if youre not aimbotting

    - Ingame Name: Th3_Rahn

    -- Ban reason : Aimbot Hack VideoProofed

    - What do you think came to the Ban? : Not sure what should I write here, but guess it was the video

    - Why should we unban you?: Like I said before, I'm not cheating, etc, etc


    Oh really, Derpy? Really? :D "Figure that out 12yo kid" Wonder which kid said that, investigating...Like I said you're too stupid for this...

    Derpy just because you measure it on your keyboard the same doesn't have to apply to us..:D Also you're not intelligent enough for a proper comeback ,which not includes any racial phrase

    But the problem is this thread is about you, you stupid sh*t :) 8 out of 10ppl still disagreed with that video, but whatever, a youngling like yourself cant afford a better internet connection, peace you :D

    Well since he is a kid, he obviously have the time for such things :D That awkward moment when the parents doesn't use password protection on the computer :lol:

    So whats the point of having a ban appeal?
    I can say/show anything, but since you're convinced by the fact I'm "aiming", its pretty much pointless.
    And I bet you really can't use your mouse properly if you think I'm hacking at 0:53, I'm a legit player, I've been one, and I will be one without hacks
    What can I do if you don't want any proof? What a shitty situation this is

    Because that laggy/buggy spectate mode is that reliable, and you can see the fast aim perk was active at that moment. Funny how fairfight, nor punkbuster ever banned me, since like I said before, I'm not hacking..:D
    The only reason I mentioned you Wanzer and your clan, because the things I said were true, you guys like to ban good players from the server of yours, and as you showed before in the previous rounds, you like to whine a lot ..
    -Also if you want a proof, I can record the pc start up, similar way Revan did, but if you would take the time to compair the stat with other games, you could see its not unlegit

    Ingame name : Th3_Rahn
    Ban reason: Aimbot Hack VideoProofed
    What do you think came to the Ban? : Because a bunch of crylords cant accept the fact there are better players than them
    Why should we unban you? : Never cheated/nor hacked in my life, and not planning to start doing so at the last Battlefield game where I miss the max lvl
    4. Post your battlereport of the last 2 rounds you were banned (not sure in which round I have been banned, because I rage quited in my last round)
    As you guys can see I dont have godlike aim, nor a k/d, just because a whine lord from russia started to accuse me, its doesnt mean its true (got banned from a Kent server in bf4, since they cant accept better players in their server)
    Anyway, thanks for your time!