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    Hahahhah russians are exellent. Exellent in my ass only excellent in cheating and hiding their cheat

    I am so happy that you respect people from other countries... And that you read all the clan/forum rules... not...

    Maybe that is why you harvest dislikes?

    No rescect to russians who use aim assist

    If someone is using aim assist... Give us a video proof. If not... go play Pokemon instead if you cannot handle excellent players... The video is showing hits... It doesnot show attempts (misses)... But hey...... guess what... It is a MONTAGE...

    Pfff... what a day...

    What kind of spoiled child is this? Some "If I cannot get some Ice cream I wanna cry"-type... OMG... Please never unban such a child!

    My 2 cents...

    We all know BFH is an 18+ game so we are aware that insults can happen. And in the heat of the night I also call players noobs occasionally. And yes... when I win a round I state something like EZ or EZPZ... and yes, I also sometimes spray a logo on one of my victims when I do a payback kill. Sorry for that but it happens... Man always be boys...

    BUT, for me personally there is a clear line...

    I donot accept insults regarding to Cancer and other deadly medical diseases, regaring to my family (mothers are popular to swear at), regaring to racism, regarding to nazi stuff, etc. Not to me, not to my team mates and not to any of my opponents...

    For this case... I think it isnot wise to swear like this when you just got unbanned...


    Was playing "hacker/commander" on PB3 this afternoon when Belsebub reported an aimbot. So I went to spectated and watched him for a while. Made a 7 minute movie of his gameplay.

    It is not an extreme amount of kills but more an overview of his gameplay... Throughout the entire video you see snapping from player to player.

    Interesting parts:

    01:00 - 01:10 - snap between players

    01:35 - 01:45 - auto aim and auto follow (?)

    02:00 - 02:20 - Auto aim






    Saw this guy online on PB3 a few minutes ago. Left immediately when I started spectating...

    He killed me a few time coming out of an elevator and knew exactly where I was hiding (behind something impossible to spot by others).

    Donot like his stats either (for a lvl 10 player)...

    PB Player Stats

    Player Profle

    And finally... when I was checking his profile (and writing this post) I saw that he re-entered PB3. So I took a nice movie of him....


    See 00:30 - Shot on wall for no reason?

    See 01:21 - Kill player perfect aim not on minimap

    See 01:30 - Kill player perfect aim not on minimap

    I have videos on him in TDM along with his friend.

    i dont see an aimbot and at 1:03 he doesnt see the guy standing right behind the wall ..
    not enough video to judge for me ..

    Player : http://battlelog.battlefield.c…25-6D/stats/921302016/pc/

    Battlereport : http://battlelog.battlefield.c…02514307821056/921302016/

    If you know that PB is the best serverclan for BFH... Then you can expect that they issue specific rules... Not reading those rules can lead to bans...

    Agree with Raven... what kind of person are you if you like to play with nazi symbols? This is a german clan so what did you expect? A clan means playing together with respect for others... Swastika doesnot help respect...


    "I dont know how i got this ban"

    Your quotes in detail:

    - You are all fucking retarded with yur gay gas

    - Learn english like normal people with an iq over 10

    - could u shut up?

    - dude shut up

    - noone cares about you

    - Shut e fuck up you noob

    - shut up idiot

    - nope you just suck


    - Untermensch

    - Hurenshne

    - Hurensohn

    - noobystar hurensohn

    No... we really donot know why your are banned... Right....

    Enjoy your ban...

    Google translate helps me out most of the time... Doesnot work on German "slang" words... but still readable...