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    Donot get me wrong... I donot post on this thread to question admin decisions. I just gave you my humble opinion...

    But, like Redskins wrote... these chats are not normal.

    This player doesnot belong in regular communities when they have zero respect for other players...

    So far my 2 cents 8)

    Jeez, just came back from holiday.... first post i read i got confronted with this lunatic... If he gets horney from punishments admins can ban him for 20 years... then nobody plays BFH anymore...



    You are a big fan of cancer swearing and wish all players (and their family) to die because they are in "your" car?...

    In the end you got banned... fortunately...

    And a few days later you say sorry?

    C'mon... Maybe some time in single player brings you back to acceptable behaviour...

    The ban is for a year so maybe next year you are an adult who understands common behaviour and reading forum rules?

    Your previous ban appeal (yesterday) was denied. Why disrespect clan rules and admin comments and try again a day later in a new post?

    Maybe you can:

    - upload a video of his gameplay in spec mode?

    - Describe at which timeframes admins must look in the video and why

    - Add a link to the player's profile

    - Describe the name of the specific server

    You cannot expect admins to start investigations on their own for each hack attemt...


    I am not talking about banning or over-administrating... Want to start a discussion on ethics around symbols... Think PB forum is more than banning request platform only...

    Agree that playing with symbols related to racism, nazism, IS and other systems that violate human rights should not have a footprint on PB. Confederation flag is considered to be racism related so you should ask yourselve if you want to identify yourself with these symbols. Personally I agree with Rahn that this flag should not be used in BFH...

    The problem I see is where PB should draw the line.

    For example... I normally play with a Dutch flag... But the Dutch have a terrible history in slavery in the 19th century and did very bad things in Indonesia right after WWII. So maybe "my" Dutch flag offenses African or Indonesian players... So, is it allowed to play with country flags? The minute some1 feels offended by this flag I will remove him.

    Antitoxis , I know it is difficult but maybe we must start a discussion on where to draw a line about these symbols.

    Unban requests started almost a month ago... You changed everything... how about your score yesterday (217 kills / 302,427 points)?


    What is this? Are you a God Sent player (reaching rank 26 Worldwide after only 481 hours) of do you still use boosters etc despite of your first unban appeal?


    I have a problem with my computer. Since last week I cannot play BFH anymore... Nothing changed... Sometime it is possible to play for half an hour but most of the time my computer instantly reboots when I start playing BFH. I narrowed my search to a possible PSU problem but maybe you guys have some bright ideas?

    Tried a lot already:

    - reinstall BFH

    - watch/monitor temperature of my RIG -> nothing strange -> Even with all fans set to 100% manually... same issue...

    - Driver updates of all my hardware (if applicable)

    - No BIOS update (Donot like to do this with a possible PDU problem)

    - Remove NVidia "Management" Suite

    - Play other games... works perfectly... but BFH is my only "large" 3D game I use... Flightsimulator maximum quality... no issue...

    My RIG:

    Asus Z97-HD3 MB

    Intel Core i7-4790K

    Corsair DDR3-1600 (2 x 8GB identical)

    ASUS Strix GTX970 DirectCU II OC

    Samsung SSD 850 EVO - 250GB

    Samsung SSD 840 EVO - 120GB

    Corsair CX750 PDU

    Many thx for your tips!