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    Well - Teabagging is a sign of disrespect.

    Disrespecting and trash-talking / insulting between friends is one thing - disrespecting strangers can be seen as insulting like CampToKill said.

    guys there are tons of cheaters out there and fairfight or PB is not getting nothing - wake up!

    I honestly have not the slightest idea what you intend with this post.

    Not only is this a post in a thread about another topic that has already been handled so I should delete it as offtopic, it is pure provocation.

    No content, no stated problem simply a flame against - I don't know who - the community for not reporting enough, the admins for not banning enough - I don't know.

    After thinking about it for a couple of minutes I have the feeling you simply want to troll because YOU DO KNOW HOW IT WORKS AND HOW MUCH WORK IT IS. Get your stuff together and tell us when you have a problem but stop trolling please.

    Closing this topic.

    Different IPs used by you are proofed cheaters.

    Since your case seems to me is a ping faking proxy-user I would recommend to a) get a new account and b) use this proxy never again.

    I can't see a possibility to unban you.

    Guys - enough.

    We did state an example here on 3 players - they are punished and will be back in a couple of days.

    Please do not push it to any racism or paranoia on the other side - imho we admins act equal to every player and give everyone in our community fair chances and behaviour.

    Closing this due to a discussion that leads nowhere.

    Thank you very much my friend! I also want to ask: is it possible to write Russian words in a chat in Latin? For example, "privet" instead of "привет"? That is, can I write in translit? And more: can I remove the crosshair of the sight for my weapons in the workshop and draw my sight in the center of the screen? Will there be no complaints for this? I do not need to ban MadManzek_D, despite his Nazi remarks, I just wanted to show that there are many violators :) Thanks again, my friend

    I would recommend you stick to english, although we do overread single words or sentences in other languages normally. It is hard to administrate servers when we do not understand curses and stuff in foreign languages we do not speak.

    About the crosshair thing I do not know how anyone would see what you do to your sight, whereas you got enough haters already so every new proof of innocence video will look suspicious with hardware crosshairs :-)

    OK. If they banned me, then please bump the player ||| Fighter ||| http://battlelog.battlefield.c…rlll/stats/1803517421/pc/. If you look at the chat log, you will see that he was the first to begin this discussion. He pestered me every match. In addition, he was warned many times for insults in English, but he was never banned. Still there are 5-6 people at least, who also offend me and my family in a chat, but I do not remember their nicknames. On the server a lot of people write in Cyrillic, but for some reason they banned me the only one. And I wanted to ask: why do not you ban players like MadManzek_D? He insulted the entire Russian nation, he should be banned for Nazism. In addition, I was told by one of the former admins (Kainzl), and I also read the topic here language on server? # post4798 and thought that the Russian language is not forbidden. The server is written in French, Spanish, some other, but no one looks at it. I do not want to justify myself, I can accept and abandon BFH. I understand that CampToKill supports this server financially and its word is the law, I simply do not consider this decision fair. Thanks to all. It was nice to play on your server. Bye

    It is the same way over and over again.

    First of all - why don't you report these people instead of whining afterwards?

    On the other side - if there's a sentence or two in foreign language thats not the problem - only when it gets too much we intervent.

    To be honest I have no idea who is financially supporting anything - we act on every report here in the forum or what we see ingame - we can't act on things we don't know about so -> You can play again in a week. Next time when something insulting happens report it properly.

    P.S.: You yourself posted the forum where I explicitely told how we act on the language stuff so I don't see your problem.

    Banned? Please read first!

    read first - proper unban request - before that there won't be an admin working on the case