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    It helps us admins to distinguish good guy players from the bad ones ;)

    Anyways, the assist system does work but it does lots of calculations by ticket increasing / decreasing and player count and and and ...

    sometimes it's calculations are simply not that good :)

    Isn't this a bit harsh? I mean he didn't cheat, he didn't insult, he "only" performed an unfair gameplay, which he shouldn't do anyways. But the situation isn't that grave in my opinion, since the server had only 9 players in total. I would understand it, if he would empty a full server tho. Don't get me wrong, I don't defend what he did, nor do I know him whatsoever. I just want to know the reason. (Seems like there was an exchange with him behind the doors) :)

    There was no reason, just a discussion between admins.

    When he comes here and starts a discussion - we might change our mind but currently the decision is made.

    In the past days there were lots of hostile discussions here AND ingame.

    This topic is the last warning for all of you.

    We will no longer watch this passive (and partly active) agressive behaviour.

    Calling out others noobs, sacrasm about admins, complaints about admins on other servers, threads and all kind of this childish acting will no longer be tolerated!

    I am once and for all sick of this stuff. There will be no unbanning fee, no sorry and nothing.

    I guess you guys know exactly who I'm talking about, but all others - be warned.

    Leute ... ich hab langsam echt das Gefühl wir sind hier im Kindergarten ...

    Beim Mafioso bitte mal den genauen Bereich - hab heute kein Bock mehr noch mehr zu lesen, die letzten 30 Seiten Chatlogs heute reichen mir,

    bei br0nse auch mal bitte das Wesentliche - böse - herausdeuten. Er spammt zwar Müll und verhält sich respektlos, ist aber alles im Rahmen vom typischen online-gamer ohne wirklich außergewöhnlich böse zu werden...

    Nice video dude, but I have to say:

    Neither is TSUNAMI admin here, nor did anything of this happen on our servers nor did you show the WHOLE story.

    Before blaming TSUNAMI I would love to see the 15 minutes BEFORE the tban, showing only the reaction is kinda one sided.

    Anyways: Why did I have to look that stuff up when it didn't even happen on our servers? Are you just trying to bash TSUNAMI or what? Please stick to the topic.


    Guys -

    first rule of all - when you start a conversation with me you'll never be unbanned.

    I only post PUBLIC.

    Second of all - NO I did say everything in my last post and do not need to discuss even more. Debating club is a few websites further eastbound...

    Let's do it the easiest and predicted way:

    I'll check if we received the donation, then i'll unban you asap.

    The next insulting / reacist / whatever message I read from you your ass will be banned on all servers and the website. If this happend in like 20 minutes so be it.


    Well then make them be on both teams, they ruin almost all of my rounds on this server as im mostly on the losing team.

    When I see you are participating by helping start up the servers by joining the empty ones yourself I might consider your post, in the meanwhile I have no idea why you are that agressively demanding things on our privately hosted servers which are run by private persons.

    Contribute in the community or leave it - but before you can take even more you have to give...

    After latest personal messages:

    You won't be unbanned because you a) had 2 chances, b) posted racist messages ingame, c) did never even admin that you did something wrong so

    Even if you pay --> And the fee would calculate:

    5,- unbanning fee

    5,- wrong unban format

    5,- personal message

    it would be 15,- (See Banned? Please read first!)

    But I already know you'd be banned in a week and start crying about we robbed you the money.

    Please go play single player games, I have better things to do than acting on such things.

    Bist ja nu entbannt - aber jedes mal wenn einer in spectate ging bist du vom spiel runter, nach dem dritten mal hieß es dann: der verarscht uns :D

    wozu soll ich 10 euro bezahlen? weil er getötet wird und lügt das ein basekamp war eigentlich wie kann man ohne basekamp kill nicht kriegen wenn dein team alle flagen verliert und das spiel dich am base wirft und so einfach bannt leute für nichts. so ein kindisches verhalten werde ich dafür kein cent bezahlen. einfach geld von leute abzocken... ich werde dafür mit EA beschwerden...

    1.) My house my rules

    2.) Your unban request is in the wrong format

    3.) We have to pay the servers. Why shouldn't we use hazardous players. With their donation they finally contribute to the community.

    4.) I've just read your chatlogs: - I don't want your money, you are the kind of people I don't want to see on our servers.


    I can assure you he did not forget us. Neither are WE planning on shutting down servers in the next few months.

    He is currently really busy with new job / private life and stuff and is only available for S.O.S. topics.

    We are currently working on a solution for the VIP stats, other problems int he background have already been solved. Please stay calm - I am still on it - like I promised.

    P.S.: Anti did tell everyone here: Werde in nächster Zeit kürzer treten