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    Sadly I didnt make a screencapture because i was relying on chat logs as proof, but Cachopelo capture the instant on video while These two "individuals" for a lack of a better word that doesnt get me banned as well, were flooding chat, constantly insulting everyone, even saying "I hope your Family dies" "These servers will be emptied without us" and constantly and annoyinly insulting our Team with "fag" "gaylord" etc etc.

    Tried many times to persuade them to stop, ignored most of it but the "i hope your Family dies" cannot be taken a joke, this People have no Business here, this Events happened during a 2 Hours period and 3 Matches on PB1 server

    Hope you fix chat soon so you can see the "Kind" of Players they are, and waiting for Cachopelo to edit video and get the proof you Need to put them away for a Long time (hoping for permanent)


    As I have explained to various shocked users that these accounts in screenshot do NOT belong to me, they were a desperate attempt to impersonate and discredit me. The real reason still unknown but sounds like a childish desperate cry for Attention, in the meantime I will continue to Report Nazi and racist comments no matter People like Zimzanawana may say.

    In the meantime I would like to kindly ask Admins to delete These accounts to avoid confusions

    Thanks in advance

    If I were to remove one for sure ill go for PB5 and votes so far back it up, PB1 and Pb4 are both conquest like someone complained yes, but one is 150% tickets and is also a popular map (dust bowl not so much) while the other changes and ist a favorite around (Always full even at Mornings)

    But hey like you said is your admin as admins, we are just the Feedback, im just saying cost wisely it could help you in the future to get rid of one


    In less than a half hour period he wished 2 Players that their mom would get Cancer, just like that. Because they were not obbeying him into forcing the whole server not to kill so he could get "just lvl and Money"

    I was banned for 2 days for saying "asshole" to a guy who killed with rpg (agaisnt rules in LF1) and didnt got banned and i got banned instead, which was an irony

    Leute ... ich hab langsam echt das Gefühl wir sind hier im Kindergarten ...

    Beim Mafioso bitte mal den genauen Bereich - hab heute kein Bock mehr noch mehr zu lesen, die letzten 30 Seiten Chatlogs heute reichen mir,

    bei br0nse auch mal bitte das Wesentliche - böse - herausdeuten. Er spammt zwar Müll und verhält sich respektlos, ist aber alles im Rahmen vom typischen online-gamer ohne wirklich außergewöhnlich böse zu werden...

    Regarding Mafioso I could understand your answer, but Br0nse publicly insulted me on the thread you closed, posted a video with half truths, then comes here posing as "victim"

    Then joins my server, again, clearly not well intended, I try Talking to him, asked politely to remove video and he taunted me threating me he was recording conversation hoping to get banned , and eventually I granted him his wish.

    What About him?


    I give a fuck about which country u come from...fact is U AN I**** ADMIN NOOB..THAT IS A FACT !!!!!!

    U ban players just for fun me yesterday on EOTCServer

    U want BAN ME it and show me that i was right with my opinion

    In real life u shouldn´t cross my way

    There is plenty of kindergarden attitude there, I am just trying to get sanctions after trying to talk it over like an adult with clearly someone who is not.

    Also poor poor Br0nse who Plays the victim but then doesnt act accordantly

    A mistake to unban him in my opinion, like I have said before, everytime I report them , you ban them, and they come back worse after the 15 days it is Maybe the 4th of 5th case.

    Although you lack of complaints About me, you personally have spoken to me on TS and played many Hours together on LF

    You can tell who is lying an butthurt and who is done nothing

    I joined a few minutes to PB4 to have a good time like usual only to find Insults and empty threats based from Mafioso on what elegibly happened on the server of one of my Clans, in which I have admin Rights.

    I then saw the post from Br0nse accusing me of baning him unfairly, I can confirm hes not permanently banned and never was, theres a standard Policy of 15 minutes.

    Even if that was true and he got banned in another server what does this have to do with me here, as a Player in PB servers? I do not own the server, i did make the rules I am just part of the crew who enforces this and im not the only Admin there. I dont know exacly what happened but he most likely had it coming.

    What gives the Right to Mafioso to Insult and discredit me and my clan for something that happened on another server in general chat?, Something that didnt even to him, but to a guy who was previously banned HERE for being a punk, and it is clearly Looking for some Kind of payback due to my report.

    You know me, I have never cheated, also try not to stay in the same spot for Long times and Keep my Insults and rage to myself (most of the times) I Play on PB and also on LF servers without issues.

    Basically I would like Retribution for this, rest is up to you


    Emperium is noob.....he should google for DUNNING KRUGER EFFECT :D

    What I would really like to know is who and why you are unbanned too, in my humble opinion nor you or emperium should be allowed again on servers

    Agree with Rahn, cheap techniques such as parking an SUV to get kills is not only cheap, it gets People out faster than the plague, what makes it even worse if this Players Insult and Keep an toxic attitude also

    At first i was calmed About it, he insulted me told him to stop, then all the sudden he called me a jew, told him that between previous Insults, false acussing others of cheating without proof and nazi Insults it was enough to get him banned for 2 weeks but not only he didnt stopped, he tried harder and made it worse by adding "we gased them"

    Im not a Jew, im German from my Father side as you know it, and I do not feel part of this "we" and I think the only way an asshole like that will ever learn is to be casted out, no warning.

    Because Like i have shown you the last 4 Reports, all come back, angrier and worse

    Here is proof, as Always

    P.D: Zimzanawana if you have something to say, then say it o my face, enough of this passive aggresive shit of giving me negatives on every post I create, is childish.

    I was there, logs are there, you were insuting people without any provocation. I warned you this would happend and not only you didnt stopped you tried to bypass filter and went harder.

    Coming here with the tail between legs only to complain about the time and not fully acknowledge your guilt is the problem, dont come here lying at my face.

    You were being an asshole, big time, and blaming others for your attitude its a childish, I have reported you and I was in YOUR team, stop making excuses and work on your people skills.

    Ros1kk : aparently kicked by autofilter but nothing happened, constantly insulting people from both teams, wont stop and it would change to italian like people woult not understand him.. not very clever

    callofjustices: : aparently banned by autofilter but nothing happened, he was proud and repeating the Word because he was not banned and made fun