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    [LF] server server has "no RPG/M320/M79 kills" because everyone has 60 HP instead of 100 HP. These explosive weapons are one hit kills. When you get the temporary ban on [LF] server, it gets carried over to the [PB] servers. You have to wait for it to expire before you can play again.

    sometimes there are players who have a disability playing the game who have way more deaths than kills, players who are very new to the game, or they are stats padders/booster. It's very easy to see someone boosting on their 2nd account by using procon to look for the same ip address. Sometimes they use a VPN or Proxy then you look the location of the IP address on whatsmyip website then make a judgment call. It's very common to see very low Kill/Death ratios on hardcore servers. It's uncommon to see someone with 0 kills and 50+ deaths in a normal server. Those players should be checked out.

    A person like Antitoxis would have to review each screenshot before he can submit them for PBSS ban. It's very time consuming to look at hundreds or thousands of screenshots.

    The game is Rated M for Mature. If someone's spray hurts your feelings, you should not play this game. You should accept the fact the spray is harmless. The spray is not going to kill you in your sleep.

    As for the teabagging, just say in chat "Why you like to ride my dead body?" The next time they teabag you, they just teabag the ground but not directly over your body. The teabaggers have a fetish they are too embarrassed to admit. Also, teabagging is meaningless. It is just to make your left pinky more tired.

    You can also turn off the chat by pushing H two times. Voice talk is to your squad only.

    Hours ? My K.D was barely over 1.00... and remember there are many people played with me on PB / LF servers

    As for the rest : Well I got no reasons to doubt he got banned unfairly just like I did. As for the rest - you are not an admin, you don't even have BFH installed any more so don't fucking tell anyone to disappear. I don't give a toss what likes of you think . This tread was created for specific reason so if you don't like don't post here

    I can always reinstall the game from my external drive and play it without any issues. All the admins here are probably enjoying every moment when someone comes into this thread to post they got a PB ban in this thread. They know PunkBuster is still working and doing its job.

    You are in the same boat as Rokebo with the denial. You will never accept the fact you got caught for using cheats. You can put blame on EA, MSI Afterburner, PunkBuster/EvenBalance, or whatever software, you are still PB banned. If you were 100% innocent, you would not be posting in this thread about a PB ban you got or trying to put blame on someone else. There are only two people who are still complaining about their PB ban. The other people who posted about their PB ban have already disappeared. Amen to them. You guys are branded as cheaters, so you can keep trying to convince everyone around you that you are 100% innocent or you can disappear and be forgotten.

    Why do you think this thread was created ? If it was really simple case of cheaters caught admins would never be bothered. It was done when 100's of people got banned in May/June because of some software related f... up well so we thought at the time. However I'm more and more convinced that all these banns are commercially related - they can't get any more money from people playing BF3/4 or BFH . So at least they get people to buy same title again. I'm sure EA would love shut all none BF1/5 servers but that will never happen at least not for now.

    Think whatever you like but played with or against Rokebo for many hours and hes always been legit.

    Maybe EA should pay more attention to rampant hacking/ cheating on all their BF1 and BF5 servers instead

    It does not matter if you have 1 hour or 5,000 hours of total Battlefield gameplay. You do not sit next to Rokebo when he plays Battlefield. You do not know if he uses cheats as a cheater or got provoked into trying cheats to get back at the person or people who kept making him mad.

    You know that badmouthing PizzaMoster/TastyCheesePizza guy. You can push his buttons or provoke him to rage in chat, he still will not try cheats because he is not stupid. Is he PB banned? No. Why does he not have a Aimbot Violation? He does not use or try cheats.

    If you quietly disappear, you will be forgotten too. I promise you that. No one here can do anything to help your case. Why bother to stick around when no one believes you? You can come back and celebrate when Punk Buster announces a false ban wave.

    camptokill is like pb/evenbalance, only vague comments, no proof.
    they cant proof what i have done, get the standard message.
    aimbot violation blablabla, hahahahha.

    The best solution right after you got your Aimbot Violation is to quietly disappear like all other cheaters who suffered the same fate. Whether you actually used cheats or "tried" cheats, you got caught and suffered the ultimate consequence. The logic is simple: "Used a cheat, got a PB ban." No one would have known about you. No one would have cared to know you were a cheater. Now you brought this issue up and all of us laugh at the cheaters who pretend to be innocent and try to put the blame on EA for trying to shut down BF Hardline by using Punk Buster to give false bans to one person a time. If EA wanted to shutdown BFH, all they have to do is make a public announcement that all BFH servers are going offline on a specific date like Battlefield Heroes (Free To Play kids game from 2009) and some other games. Right now, you're just in denial. You can deny it all you want, no one will believe you because only you and a few other people have a PB ban while everyone else including all the admins are still able to play the game perfectly fine.

    Okay thanks for the advice ! Last question, is it possible to add Hollywood Heights and The Block or are they too small ?

    The Block has a "Red Zone" bug in Conquest. It happens when one side is stuck in their main base and cannot push forward. The enemies will try to run into the red zone to kill players who had just spawned. At this point, it is just a grenade spam fest. It causes the other team that is being base raped to stop spawning. The only way to fix this is by switching to another map. You can only prevent it by warning players with a kick like they do in the USA 24/7 The Block server.

    Hollywood Heights is almost the same thing except without the Red Zone bug. If one team does not push forward the game becomes a Base Camp versus Base Rape. The transport helicopter can easily unbalance the game causing one team to be stuck in their main base. There's only one Stinger on the map. You'll be dead before it locks on. You can shoot at helicopter to blow it up with Magnum rounds with AWM or R700 LTR, but they are flying in a circular motion and that will make it difficult. Sometimes I manage to shoot out the pilots then another person takes over flying. The goal is to get the helicopter on fire then all other guns with AP bullets can quickly take down the helicopter. You will be doing this the whole entire match or just base camping with a sniper rifle.

    I have work in the morning so will make this short.

    A few weeks ago you were in my squad, i watched your gameplay on the mini viewer for squad members and noticed you performing a 'super jump' to reach an area on the map that can only be accessed by that method. Frustratingly i was not recording the gameplay however did report you via Origin/Battlelog. So you are a cheat and probably best you move on from this episode. As you have more free time on your hands due to the ban you may want to look at your 247fairplay record also. They flagged you up for cheating on other BF games. You know the proverb about a leopard never changing his spots? hmmmm

    He is 100% correct. There are a few areas in BFH where you used to be able to exploit right in the beginning of official launch of the game. They patched these areas by using FairFight.

    It will auto-kill you if you attempt but do not make it through as a warning.

    If you spawn on someone or used their radio beacon/satellite while they are in the off limit area, you get an instant kick from the server. It happens mostly in Operation Lockers in BF4.

    If you used a cheat that allows you to get into an off limit area very easily, you trigger FairFight and it autobans you from the game. Gameover for you.

    If you do not use cheats, you will never get wrongfully banned. It is as simple as that. If there is a false ban, thousands of people would be complaining right now on the Battlefield & PB Bans forum.

    World War 3 looks amazing, but it looks like the gun's recoil is fixed or has almost no recoil. These are low budget games. They make the trailer look amazing, but the game's execution is poor. If they don't have money coming in, employees start to leave the company then ultimately, they quit working on the project.

    If you read some of the negative reviews of WW3, some of them say there are server loading issues. Keep in mind, if you play the game under 2 hours, you can request a refund. If you waste time waiting on the loading time, there goes your money. You might as well go back to BF4 where the game is 100% functional with no server issues.

    BF4 runs flawlessly, but for me, it's boring because I'm already max level with all infantry weapon unlocks. There's nothing else for me to do in that game. I literally will fall asleep trying to play it. If you're not level 140, you should give it a go again. There are still lots of servers to play in.

    Games I have installed:

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 8)

    Battlefield V :/

    Fallout 76 :P

    Uninstalled: Battlefield: Hardline (I still have a backup on my 1 TB external SSD)

    COD:BO4 is a 2.5/5 star rating. It's the same COD style from other previous COD games except for Blackout/Fortnite mode and specialist skills. The Blackout is a 100 player Free For All in a dedicated server. It has some potential to make it into a 50 vs 50 or even 25 vs 25 server like in COD4: Modern Warfare. They could just copy Battlefield's conquest mode.

    Battlefield V is a 2/5 star rating. It's a reskinned of BF1. I expected the weapon customization to be like Hardline, but it isn't. COD:BO4 weapon customization is similar to Hardline. As for game play outside of TDM, Domination, and Conquest, it's a base camp fest in Grand Operations, Break Through, and Front Lines. Airplanes base rape right at the start of the map. When the game can move forward, it gets very fun. Most of the time, we just move to the next area and stop pushing forward. Everyone with a tank base camps with it. The double barrel shotgun with Mammoth gun is a cool to have, but it still isn't good.

    Fallout 76 is an online version of Fallout 4's Survival Mode. I just got it yesterday and started playing it. I didn't play the beta, so I don't know about the game bugs. It feels like I have to learn Fallout all over again because I was an item hoarder in FO4 with a 2,000 carry weight 8o.

    I wanted the exact same SSD but it is 200€ here, still expensive :(

    I bought this one…s/6178649.p?skuId=6178649

    Samsung 128GB micro sd card for my new phone £11.99...guess good deal

    If you buy it online, you have to check to see if its real or fake. Google "h2testw" and download the application then run it for your micro-SD card/Flash drive. It fills up the memory card then checks for file integrity. If you get a fake 128 GB m-SD card, the test will fail because (1) it is fake or (2) it is defective. You want to make sure that all your 119 GB available storage is usable. If you get a fake m-SD card or whatever, it is really a 1 to 16 GB m-SD card with a hacked firmware that tells your phone/tablet/computer that it is a 32/64/128/256/400/512 GB or 1 TB m-SD card. There are some listings of 512 GB and 1 TB listings on from sellers in China.

    For example, if you have a fake 128 GB m-SD card, you fill it up with pictures and videos. The first 1 to 16 GB data is good but anything after that will be corrupted. This happened to my friend even though he bought it from Amazon. He paid $350 for a PNY 512 m-SD card and still got a fake one. He lost all of his HD 4k video recordings of his family trip.