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    Dont get me wrong, I dislike the guy aswell, but calling him an aimbotter only because of a battlereport is kinda dumb, and concider the fact the CeltS servers are running with 85hp

    Even with the low HP server setting, no one can trigger the 5 KPM autoban unless they are using an aimbot. I've been an admin for BF4 before so that's why I know what I know. The only players who can come close to the 5 KPM are the closet cheaters and the rage cheaters. Closet cheaters do a very good job at trying to hide their paid hacks even if they are recording their own screen. Rage cheaters are the ones who don't care and ruin everyone's experience by headshotting everyone.

    If you have an aimbot, you don't waste bullets because the program locks on the person and controls the recoil for you. In order to get the 5 KPM autoban, you would have to have an aimbot. Watching his video upload, he has almost no vertical recoil using AP bullets on the Derailed map. 98% of his kills from the video shows him not missing.

    There's a questionable pre-snap at 15:13 at the guy that just spawned and started shooting (orange triangle shown on the mini-map) in the corner with a perfect lock on. After that at 15:22, no recoil until the guy he's shooting at. His video shows almost no vertical recoil throughout the whole video. This is my opinion

    like 3.63 K/D means iam using cheats? are you for real?I have a lot of hours on BF bad company and 3 and 4 aswell i also have 3K hours on CS

    You only have 288 hours on BF4. Your BF3 account is not there. Hours played on Steam is meaningless. I got friends who AFK in the game menu and leave their PC on 24/7 who collects 10,000+ hours in Counter Strike 1.6, Source, and Global Offensive and in non-Counter Strike games too.

    He is base raping the other team by planting sabotage on the enemy's heli in their spawn. Someone spawns in the heli and flies up then they die instantly.

    CampToKill : you said you recorded the situation from your view (here) .. Now: where is it? where is that scene!? point us to it!!

    Yes we know that it says lean in your view, and yes we proofed that the lean is not showing from the other side and yes we proofed that the shot is coming thru the aircon. that is the glitch and you know about it and still deny it giving us more blabla ... you better give us 1 reason why we should leave a lame sitting camper like you on our servers.

    @Schiggi: das könnt ihr gerne machen wenn ihr nix besseres vorhabt.

    In Battlefield 4, I leaned a lot and no one really complained about it. I come to Hardline, and people complain about it. Why is that? It's because people in Hardline don't use lean. I lean out on the cars, people say I'm glitching. I lean out of a window, people say I am wall hacking. All because the killcam is in third person view.


    "In first-person shooter games, leaning is a game mechanic that allows characters near corners or other cover to lean around the cover. This reduces or eliminates exposure of the shooter's feet, legs, and torso, which the target may use to counterattack."

    Your decision is final, and I accepted it is glitching because these are your servers. Leaning on the air conditioner on The Block is glitching, and I was wrong. You may change my temporary ban to a permanent ban if you feel that is necessary because I am an advance player. I take use of everything in the game to my advantage. I use the suppressor (gun attachment) to hide myself on the map. I kill someone with a gun with a suppressor and the people around me in the area won't see my orange triangle appear on the mini-map. They only see me when I get spotted. The disadvantage of a suppressor is it increases bullet drop thus limiting range (not good for long range kills).

    - Ingame Name: CampToKill

    - Ban reason: Glitchin / Leaning on the Air Conditioner on The Block (TDM server)

    - What do you think came to the Ban? From Nightbeast's video, it shows me shooting through the air conditioner.

    - Why should we unban you?

    From my point of view, it's different. When I lean out of the air conditioner (AC), I am shooting out from the left side but not through the AC. You can clearly see it in both videos. I am not unkillable when I lean out (see video #2). As I mentioned before, leaning is part of the game. Of all the players I've seen, only 20% players lean out on any object in the game: shipping crates, cars, walls, windows, ledges, doorways, hallways, and etc. 80% of people are standing out in the open with most of their body parts exposed, which means they are more body parts to shoot at with your gun.

    On The Block map, the high ground has the advantage so that roof with AC is the best place for a gun with FLIR. I used a semi-automatic sniper rifle for accurate, repeated follow up shots. This is not the only place you can lean out. You can lean on the cars, white van, door way, windows, broken walls, pillars (between each wall), and etc. You can pretty much lean anywhere and use it as a shield between you and the enemies but with your head still exposed.

    Video #1:

    00:15 - Pause here, you can see the option to "LEAN LEFT" on the right.

    01:10 - Pause here, you can see the option to "LEAN RIGHT" on the right.

    Video #2:

    01:28 - I get headshotted.
    03:07 - I get headshotted again.

    I will respect your decision if you say this is glitching, and I will honor it by never leaning on the AC. If you decide it is glitching, you should add it to the server rules as "Leaning on Air Conditioner is not allowed on The Block." The next problem you will have leaning on all other objects in the game that is not the AC. You cannot disable leaning for everyone. It's built into the game and it's on by default for everyone unless they manually disable it in the game menu. It only affects the people who disabled it, so it does not bother them. It has no effect on everyone else in the game.

    1) Topic: "Playername + Reason

    2) link to battlelog with id: http://battlelog.battlefield.c…79788465470208/385225377/

    3) He was one shot aimbotting everyone with the scout at first (before I jumped to spectator) then with the SCAR and M1A1.

    4) video-proof:

    video starts at 00:12 , you don't need to watch the whole thing because he's obvious.

    5) battle report of the round:


    6) or at least Servername & time: PB #2| TDM, a few minutes before I got temp ban for glitching...

    I have a video from my view showing you I am leaning out from the left side of the air conditioner because the lean markers appears on the screen to tell me I can lean left or lean right. It's different from my view, but I'll post it anyway. It will take me few hours to upload it into YouTube after I upload a video of an aimbotter I just reported right before I saw the metaban in the chat.

    My PC specs:

    Intel Core i7 6700 stock 3.4 Ghz

    16 GB DDR4 ram

    480 GB SSD for OS + Games and 1 TB HDD

    Zotac GeForce GTX 960 4GB

    Windows 10 64-bit

    I play on ultra and high settings at 1920x1080p at around 55-90 frames per second. I don't think my ping would kill your game; it's my skills that it hard for for most people to kill me. Here's the battle report of the round I went 82 kills and 16 deaths on Derailed:


    65 of the kills are from a Semi-Automatic sniper rifle using a 4x custom ACOG scope through the weapon bench.

    Your battle report shows you with 40 kills from a Bolt-action 338-RECON sniper rifle:

    You were relatively easy to find when I see the scope glint on your 6x, 7x, 8x, or 14x scope exposes you while my 4x ACOG scope has no scope glint keeps me alive for much longer. I have 36 shots in one magazine in a RO933 M1 sniper rifle. I can keep shooting at someone until they die. With a bolt-action, you have to headshot the person or they will run to cover and you lose a kill. At the same time, you have to prevent other people from seeing you. You would have to camp inside buildings or behind objects to lean out or peek over.

    My ping averages around 160 because I'm from the USA. It's not my fault USA internet speeds are much slower than Europe's. For USA servers, there are only two active servers: 24/7 Block server and Hardcore mixed mode server.

    You can keep arguing about the ping but plenty of other people are able to kill me. I am not bulletproof. I may be bulletproof camping inside a building, but there are windows and doors. There's no server rules nor is there a plugin for "no camping".

    In matter of fact, there is one "no camping" server in BF4. The plugin will tell you if you're standing in the same spot for more than 30 seconds. If you stand in one spot for too long, the server kicks you out with a temporary ban. Luckily for me, the admins of that server banned me instantly when they said my name "Camp to kill" in chat.

    That is total BS. I have never used an aimbot i my life. And i havent cheated sense i got a ban for wallhack in counter strike more than 10 years ago.
    The video shows som clean hits. thats all. masOH is just mad for getting owned by a noob in bf Hardline, but vetaran in bf1.
    i think the ban is way over the top here.

    The video shows you using aimbot. I don't believe you have perfect eye sight to see and kill a tiny target who's stand by a window on the sky scraper with a 3.4x scope along with perfect accuracy. The video is proof you cheated. Good riddance!

    2) link to battlelog with id:


    4) video-proof:

    0:23 aimbot lock with M1A1 (thompson SMG)

    0:42 prefire

    1:12 aimbot lock on with perfect spray with no recoil

    1:26 aimbot lock but his spray goes to the far left (way off target, happens again later on in the video)

    1:35 aimbot snap on the guy on the ground and on top by the hand railing

    1:58 aimbot lock with pistol with and without aiming down sights

    2:17 aimbot lock onto someone behind the wall and his spray goes to the far left (2nd time)

    2:34 -2:50 aimbot lock onto and his spray goes to the far left and bullet trails other people

    3:40 aimbot lock on and his spray goes to the far left

    3:45 same thing again except go to the far right

    5) battle report of the round from a previous map:


    6) #PB 2 | best TDM on Aug 13, 2017 around 2 PM PST

    I think your temporary bans reads 3 months. You spam the chat with random "????????????????" It makes you look like you're some kind of 10 year old kid. If you write clearly like how you do on this forum then why don't you talk like that in the game? If you talk like normal people then you won't have any issues.

    2) link to battlelog with id: http://battlelog.battlefield.c…oviic/stats/907613971/pc/

    4) video-proof:

    0:10 - snapping at head

    0:25 - snapping at head

    0:35 - more snapping

    1:00 - snapping at head again

    1:30 - 1:43 - snapping at heads

    1:53 - 2:05 more snapping and waits for a guy to leave underground parking lot to headshot the guy

    Aimbotting with scout elite. It's obvious throughout the video with him snapping to people's head.

    5) battle report of the round: http://battlelog.battlefield.c…54567532600512/907613971/

    6) #PB 2 | best TDM @ 10 AM PST on Aug 3, 2017