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    Thats a pretty usual bug caused by the spectator-cam

    That is not a bug. SCAR-H has high recoil so it is suppose to go up into the air without recoil management. At 2:21, he gets a kill while shooting way above the target you cannot see through his red dot scope. Then at 2:49, you see him aim down sight repeatedly his soldier says "spotted a sniper" then at 2:50, he tries to shoot at the spotted sniper (who is probably in one of the buildings) but cannot hit him. You just see him spraying up into the sky without any hit markers appearing. It appears in this video, he may be using some kind of wallhack, but the video is too short to confirm it.

    Teabagging is a form of insult to some people. I know only a few people who do it. Most people who I see doing it get killed by another player while doing it because they are distracted, lol.

    Yes I realized a bit late that his friend was also hacking. But I will be on him. Another question: Did you mean it yesterday, when you kinda said you didn't see any hacks? Like to make them feel comfortable again? :) Was that on purpose?

    Sometimes that works, but it didn't work this time. His chatlog says "ya know we can see there is 2 spectators on he server" and calls people fgts too. He might as well get banned too.

    If I were admin, I would just ban all their members including the founder: TuckerTheLad because this is a hacking/cheating platoon. The founder has the same amount of start hours as DynEx3 and OlliieExe. If you do not ban them now, they will start rage hacking and empty the servers when admins are not around.

    He using an aimbot because he has no recoil when he sprays AP bullets. His friend [Exe] OlliieExe that is in the same platoon as him has the same hack. Next time, try to record both of them before you confront them in chat because Olliie turned off his aimbot.

    That is a classic trick for cheaters. They leave the server if they know they are being spectated then join another server, Unlucky for him in BFH, there is only 8 servers to join in all (USA and Europe). He is not hard to find if he leaves the server.

    I constantly see how someone writes in Spanish, Portuguese or French, almost every match. And the words in these languages are not less than in Russian, even more. Only now Russians are constantly being scolded for their language, and Europeans are not. Ok, then that guy is Russophobe, but that's not the point. I just want the rules to be the same for everyone. I constantly see Russophobia in the chat, but these people are not blocked. And when someone says something bad about Europeans or Americans, they are quickly banned. But here even a little in other essence: a little whom even from Russian players block for Russian. But they banned me, because people on the server to me initially biased attitude, in particular, because they consider me a cheater or I play with M110K5. Take for example KampToKill: you know why he complained to me?) In principle, I have already understood everything and I understand, it is impossible to write in Russian on the chat. This is not an official server, and administrators have every right to dispose of the server as they want. I partly acknowledge my guilt, although I do not consider this decision fair. But I have no more complaints.

    This thread is about typing in Russian when the server rules says "Only chat in German or English language." You are capable of speaking English in chat, but you refused to do it. I am not against Russian players. I am not against Russia. I don't care about the USA vs. Russia politics. I live in a very well diverse area with people of all different cultures and ethnicity compared to Russia. It would not make sense if I was against a certain ethnic background.

    You also have the option to rent your own server and put in a server rule that says "Russian language only" then you can ban anyone who doesn't speak in Russian. You can limit where players come from. I know the Japanese servers only allow players with a Japan IP address to play on their servers.

    PB 3 empty most of the times.... as a result of stat padding, C4 camping and the rest :(

    Hotwire is a stat padding/boosting game mode that cannot be fixed now unless the server plugin bans all explosive and helicopters. Some people have friends drive a car full of people to another friend with C4 or RPG/SMAW and trade kills.

    I have no idea what they are saying. I always tell them to speak English or German then they continue to ignore server's rules about English or German only. Someone said that Rage and Aimbooster were insulting them in their Russian language. If you look at his chatlogs, he has a lot of blank spots because the script cannot record Russian characters.

    Rage_Da_K1ngguin's chatlog:

    See the attachment below:

    !votenuke works by having 2-3 people saying !votenuke in chat then getting 20+ !yes votes (difficult part) to get the nuke to happen. The nuke auto-kills everyone on the winning team for 30 seconds. Within that 30 seconds, the losing team has to go capture flags. If they take too long to capture some flags, they will go straight back to the base rape versus base camp game.

    The nuke only becomes available if the losing team has at least 50% tickets less than of the winning team.

    For example, winning team: 900 tickets and losing team has 400 tickets, they can use !votenuke.

    If the winning team: 700 tickets and losing team: 550 tickets, they cannot use !votenuke

    If the winning team: 400 tickets and losing team: 150 tickets, they cannot use !votenuke because the game is almost over.

    Good news cachopelo !!! After I spoke with you in the [LF] Bankjob server, he left after the round was over. I followed him to another server and recorded him there. He spots players before they are even visible, which means he is using ESP/wall hacks.

    0:00 to 0:07, after he burst fires, his aim down sight snaps to the right at the dead guy's body at beginning

    0:08 to 0:20, the sniper prone on the floor inside the house is barely visible

    2:14 to 2:20, right after he kills the guy by the police car, he spots a sniper behind the house before he is visible in his line of sight.

    When you record someone, you should hold the TAB button then wait for them to respawn (skull disappears) then you click their name. If you cycle through the players, you miss out on his kills. When you start watching the player, you do not open the scoreboard.

    You need to put timestamps of where you think he is suspicious.

    He doesn't look like he is using aimbot because his recoil pattern is consistent with the MDC.

    I can't tell you why people would join there but since it is accessible we should consider this in our thoughts. So the fact that someone knows there is a spectator on the server isn't bulletproof for busting someone. It's rather his behavior after that: Was he godlike and all of a sudden lost all of his skills? Is he always leaving instantly after someone joins the spectator mode? etc.

    And in case of the player called Godfather1930: He was recorded before and even if he got a spectator warning he kept playing and his gameplay seems pretty good to me, at least in that video. Maybe he is a goddamn hacker and was just lucky in that match, idk.

    There is a battlelog report where he plays without his hacks 36 kills and 20 deaths (click to see) . In this server, many of their clan members have admin powers and they got a voteban plugin. His K/D ratio is too low compared to how he plays in the PB#1-#5 servers.

    He's a suspicious player. Every time I see him in the server, I go to spectator mode and when the round is over, he leaves the server to go to different server. I follow him to another server, he leaves that server.

    I have a video of him on PB#2 The Block map, but it's too short at about 3 minutes long. He got 103 kills with 24 deaths in 7 versus 10 players in the server. He's playing against beginners who are getting slaughter.

    A lot of info I cant use as I care about keyboard performance not noise same for mouse .

    And I dont use any programming on mouse and keyboard

    In that case, you should just buy the one you like. They all perform the same except some has better features, software, warranty, price, and/or ergonomics (depends on your hand grip and size of your hand).