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    BF6 is probably a BF:Bad Company Vietnam remake. I love using that flamethrower. If they used BF4's engine to make BFH, it would have been still as popular as BF4 right now. I think they used Medal of Honor's Warfighter engine to make BFH. MOH:WF is a dead as BFH with little active servers.

    BF5's primarily focus is going to be that Fortnite mode. The COD:Black Ops 4 Blackout (Fortnite) mode is meh if you solo but it's fun as hell with a group of friends or co-worker. All they have to do now is turn those 80 or 100 player Blackout servers into a BF Conquest copy cat mode with that high of a player count then it will become COD4: Modern Warfare all over again. Yes, BO4 has dedicated servers on PC. The weapon customization is like BFH where you can paint your gun and change reticle on your sights and scope. Yes, there is a IRNV scope too.

    COD:BO4 stole Heist idea from BFH and added Counter Strike's buying system in that game mode. You work up to earn money each round to buy your equipment and guns and your objective is you go pickup the cash bag then run to the drop off zone. You only get 1 life per round. Unlike in BFH, you get 100 respawns and most of the time it's just TDM with 100 respawns in a 64 player server.

    Hey guys,

    Its not the game CampToKill , as far as I'm aware I only get this on the uni network. Possibly some sort of VPN built in, not sure. But I don't get this on any other networks.

    I used to have the - ping in BF4 until I found out I had to redownload the entire game to fix the problem.

    Playing with VPN is not allowed because many cheaters use VPN to cheat on. Some VPN IP addresses carry PunkBuster and/or other Anti-cheat database bans. Playing with VPN can trigger a those kind of ban(s), and they are impossible to appeal. You should only play on your home internet only to be the safest.

    It is basic common knowledge not go to a server to advertise a competing server. Imagine if you had a bakery that sells custom cakes, cookies, and other pastries, and you have been in business for over 2 years. Then some random stranger you never met before walks into your shop and starts handing out flyers to your customers to go the new bakery two blocks down the street. As the bakery owner, you are going to kick the advertiser out. That is what happened to you. You got banned for advertising a competing server. The car dealership is a bad example because they can sell other car brands if people trade in their used car to buy a brand new car.

    Sadly, no one is going to go help you start your brand new server. The remaining player base is much lower now than it was in the summer where all 5 [PB]'s servers were a full 64/64 players. Everyone favorite'd the remaining active servers in BFH. They rather join a server where there are already people in it playing than wait for the minimum amount of players to start the server. People do not like to wait. They will always leave and go to another server where its already 10/64 players. The same goes to COD:BO4 Blackout/Fortnite mode. If you die in the beginning right after you land on the ground, you are not going to wait 1-2 hours later to start all over again, you will just leave the current server to join another server to start right away.

    If you want to invest in a server for BFH, you could help support the [PB] existing servers by donations. These servers will always have people playing in them in your European Timezone. [PB] is already more setup than you are with only one server. They already have fully setup multiple servers, forum, ProCon, stats check plugin, and etc. All you have to do is donate and enjoy the server.

    The "M30 Drilling" mammoth gun/double barrel shotgun combo gun is cool. I did not have to camp doorways to get kills with the double barrel shotgun. It has more range than the DB shotgun in BFH. I could kill people at around 8 to 10 meters. BFH's DB shotgun has the worst range; I can only get kills at 3 meters or less. You have the choice to shoot one barrel or two barrels at the same time. You only have 2 shots per reload. If you shoot both barrels and miss, you are a dead man. I always shoot one barrel at a time because if I miss the first shot or the first shot does not kill them, the 2nd shot will finish it.

    The same goes for the mammoth gun in BFH, you can shoot single shots for a maximum of three shots per reload or shoot all three barrels at the same time. Shooting all 3 shots at once usually kills no one. It is better to shoot single shots.

    In BF5, it is different. When I press V to change my fire rate, it changes to the DB shotgun with one shot with both barrels at the same time per reload or Mammoth gun with one shot per reload. I can switch to the DB shotgun for close quarters and for short to medium range switch to the Mammoth gun by changing my fire rate. I slaugther lots of people in hallways with the shotgun.

    The bad side is you are still using the iron sights like the mammoth gun. It is an eye sore to use tiny iron sights to aim. I only got to use the gun for about 20 minutes before the beta ended.

    Let me start by saying: "I do not pick sides. I do not defend BF friends. This is simply my input from my past BF3 & BF4 Admin experience."

    Since your game language is in Russian, I do not understand what his avatar is saying. Generally people who use the auto spot feature of their hack will have their avatar spam verbally "enemy spotted" or "sniper spotted" and other similar phases non-stop. His avatar cop/criminal guy would have said enemy spotted like a thousand times. This is the dead giveaway when someone is using this type of hack. They can spot people through walls without actually seeing the enemy. If he is spamming "Enemy spotted" in Russian, he is using this type of hack.

    I randomly looked through his past Battlelog reports, none of them have the same amount of 20+ spotting coins. It could have been a revive bug as cachopelo had mention in his chatlog that triggered his auto-spotting arm. If he is not verbally spamming "enemy spotted" then he is not using an auto spot hack.

    The "Long Bullet" / Magnum round does +5 more damage with less bullet drop. +60 damage anywhere except the head. This is for the first sniper rifle.

    Kar98 does like 70-80 damage but you get only 15 shots versus 30 shots with the first sniper rifle.

    I found it is best to snipe on Grand Operations. It's rare to find someone 300+ meters away. It is usually the newbie snipers who camp towards the left or right side of the hill. People tend to use this area to flank behind the enemy. It takes me about 2-10 shots to zero the scope for a headshot if the guy does not move. You have a mono-cular (binocular) to spot enemies and see how far they are to zero your scope from 60, 120, or 300 meters. Without zeroing, it takes me about 1-3 shots just from guessing how high I need to aim above their head for the bullet drop.

    Medium scope is somewhere between 3x and 4x zoom, and this is your starting scope. Long scope is 8x zoom.

    Some trees are invisible walls. People can camp under a tree and shoot from it, you cannot shoot at them unless you go under the tree.

    I get about 80+ FPS on low and around 45 FPS on Medium. People are skipping around in the game. It is somewhat difficult to get headshots with a sniper rifle. Most of the time I just do 55 damage. My ping is around 40 in a USA server. I spend most of my time camping near the ammo crate because of the netcode issue. NO ONE GIVES YOU AMMO.

    I'm getting close to unlocking "Magnum rounds" for the sniper rifle. I'll see how it does. I am level 8 or 9 Recon. When you choose the route to unlock special perks, you have to unlock the bipod first for the sniper rifle. It is only annoying when I am prone because it takes an extra 5 seconds to close the bipod then stand up. I am usually dead before I stand up. Once you unlock the bipod, you cannot disable it!

    I usually play Support first but the bipod is annoying as f***. I am about to shoot someone then I open the bipod then I die. I'm on the train bridge, I shoot someone below as soon as I walk up closer to the edge, the bipod pops open to mount on the wall and the guy runs away. When the bipod is open, I am locked to a certain viewing angle.

    The special perks is like the gun attachments for BFH except you when level up your gun to maximum level, you can have fast aim (3rd reputation of Operator), bipod,faster bolt-action, magnum rounds, and other perks all at the same time on one gun.

    The gun skin/camo is a little better than Hardline where you can color of the individual parts rather than the whole gun. In Hardline, the skins only change the metal part of the gun.

    Game mechanics is the same as BF1.


    I may buy the game if the gun perks are good. I am still going to wait for the reviews after the final release of the game then wait extra few months for them to fix anything they were not able to fix before their deadline.

    I googled "bloody v mouse recoil", and I see videos for no recoil macro script. No Recoil Macro scripts is cheating. Reputable companies like Logitech, Corsair, Razer, and other big name brands do not allow you to run recoil macro scripts in their mouse software. A lot of cheaters use that mouse for no recoil.

    hello everry body

    he is my brother

    his name is missouri_h1

    Remember when you got a PB Ban on your original account? You probably tried to log in on your brother's account on the same computer and caused a "linked banned account." It can be cleared if your brother's account does not have a PB ban on it. That is up to Antitoxis to decide. If he does have the ban, you would have to buy the game again for him.

    basecamping is not a glitch but also not allowed. i previously kicked him after telling him in chat that this is not what we want on our servers. he replied "i am AA" i dont know what he wanted to tell me though. it was the exact same spot.

    i give him a week off - i think this is fair and might help.

    He was saying he is the new Anti-Air defense.

    4:46 - after he runs up the truck ramp, you see him spraying between the left side of the truck, hit markers appear until the guy he's locked onto starts running away to the right, his spraying follows him

    5:55 - aimbot lock onto someone behind multiple walls causing him to spray up into the sky

    6:10 - aimbot lock onto the guy and sprays up into the sky then gets a kill

    6:30 - aimbot snap

    He is an aimbotter.