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    You need the DLC for the Nightwoods and Nightjob maps. The admins here will not add the map to the server rotation because not everyone has the DLC. If you do not have the DLC, the server kicks you out.

    The [CELTS] large conquest (might be dead) and [XTG] Mixed Modes Hardcore (USA server, click here to see server) has the maps. [XTG] changes their map rotation every few months. This a 100% full hardcore server. You have to stand behind trees or objects to give yourself cover or you'll die a lot. Stay away from the CAT because they will slaughter you on Nightwoods conquest. People like to spam M320/M79 grenade launchers in there because it is a one kill. They also ban people who use bad language, racisms, and personal attack.

    It was 2 months ago, now I'm clean.:thumbup:

    No, you are not because you probably spent 2 months fine tuning your paid hacks to make it look like you do not use hacks anymore, and you are still going to use them.

    I recommend you to buy an anger management doll when you are about to use bad language, you can pull its legs and arms, punch it, and safely throw it across the room. They also have this rubber snake where you can stretch, pull, and twist it without breaking it. It works very well because I saw a guy using it at an Intel LAN fest. Most people who do not use some kind of anger management tool end up getting kicked out for using bad language at people and damaging their PC or other people's PC. You get banned for life too.

    1. I never saw such crazy aimsnaps before

    2. Your POV makes me feel claustrophobic :D

    You mean FOV? I just play with the default FOV for 1920x1080p. Some people like to increase/decrease it to see more, but it looks weird to me. It makes me dizzy when I perform quick turns.

    Profile: http://battlelog.battlefield.c…anda/stats/1723672861/pc/

    Server: PB #1| Large Conquest

    1:05, hipfire headshot with Scout Elite

    1:18, another attempt at hipfire aim and you can see the screen shakes a little

    1:30, hard snap at the heli then another snap when the pilot jumps down

    1:50, he shoots at the elevator doors because he is locked onto someone. After he kills the guy on the right, you will see him snap between two guys on the left. He kills two more dudes on top. Pre-aim with .38 SNUB Revolver. After he goes down the 2nd floor elevator, he empties the revolver twice at the wall. Again, he's locked at someone behind the walls. When he goes back up, you will him snap between targets with the revolver.

    Profile: http://battlelog.battlefield.c…zelev/stats/394469925/pc/

    0:00 - 0:12, shooting at walls

    0:44 - 0:49, locking on and shooting a player behind a wall

    0:59 , aimbot snap at a guy who is not spotted

    1:14, hard snap

    1:38 - 2:00 aimbot

    2:08 - 2:12, after the guy turns the corner he snaps at him through the wall

    2:30 - 2:36, another hard snap

    This cheater is already banned by Schiggimollo while he was in the game.

    1st Video at 3:25 is aimbot + wallhacks. At 3:25, he prefires one shot. After he turns back around, he starts shooting at the fence. You can't see anyone behind the fence at that angle. He has a perfect lock on with a constant hitmarker appearing on each shot. He kills the guy too. It is not clear where he is standing at: (1) near the fence between the fence and the shipping crate on or (2) on the left side of the shipping crate.

    Verdict: 100% cheater.

    Well... sad to say that's true about what Nightbeast and Th3_Rahn had said.

    NightBeast : You do spend the entire round camping on the roof with your sniper rifle.

    @Th3_Rahn: A couple of times I went to spectator mode and Th3_Rahn thinks I am watching him when I am watching someone else then he tells everyone in chat why am I spectating him. He tells me that he has the website open to see who is spectating. The player I am trying to make a video on leaves the server after 10 seconds of me being called out by Th3_Rahn. I ask myself why does this guy need to know who is spectating in the server right now?

    Profile: http://battlelog.battlefield.c…UAPX/stats/1745221054/pc/

    Battlelog Report: http://battlelog.battlefield.c…2533061512256/1745221054/

    Server: PB #2 TDM server on March 2, 2018 around 5 PM PST

    0:00 - 0:20, he locks onto someone through the wall who is not spotted until later

    0:26 - 0:42, his aim goes way above the guy on the roof

    0:46 - 0:49, aim goes way above another guy

    1:18 - 1:35, wallhacks/ESP starts aiming through wall and shoots a little bit before the guy is spotted. After the guy dies, he goes back down the stairs and you see him locking onto people through the wall or floor.

    1:41 - 1:47, aimbot shoots way above the guy

    1:50 - 2:00, after he picks up on the RPG, he locks onto someone through the floor 

    3:50 - 4:15, he tries to shoot the guy through the windows then later kills him

    4:23 - 4:25, he tries to shoot another guy through the air conditioner

    You ban with 0 proof that i hack and you altime cry when one kill you from the chopper when i in the enemy team and see you flying i try to snipe the chopper to 90% away and snipe one from a chopper isn´t so hard and in the video you see first the shoot from where it came than you see that my team mate die and when you play with brain you reakt right but you video lags hard very hard.When you realy give a 100% proof that i hack i will leave the server by self and when you ban without any proof it is more abusing and unfair that you think.And when you talk about weapon stats it can be some times bugged or not 100% true your stats are too marked but it don t say that you are a cheater it only warn.And that you ban me again it only say that you are a child(same act like thaLuckyBang).And when you look at the Video from LF you see 100% on the minimap that there is an guy out of the car and hide but when you look what happen the car drive away and he is a free kill but i think it is on your eyes a "Hack" in german we call this "Rufmord" and i think it show me that you don t understand what can be a cheat or a good brain.

    That is normal for people with sniper rifles to have a 40-70% HSKP. I do not considered these stats for a cheater.

    What is not normal is your increased damage % for DUAL VZ 61 pistols. Your ban should have not been lifted simply because there was no video. No video can prove someone using increase bullet damage cheats but only weapon statistics can prove someone is using increased bullet damage. It is very clear to see it right here:

    There was a cheater that was banned several months ago for using increased bullet damage cheats with a specific gun (I am not going to say what that gun was because there is an unbanned cheater who may use this information to his advantage). There was a video, but it looked normal like he was not cheating at all. When you looked up weapon stats, it told a different story. He had something similar but with a different gun.

    Your forgot the dmg multiplier in BFH it can be 1,5x-1,8 not more right shure but i f you take the duals they boost up to 22-28 dmg.And the weapon stats only say that it could be but don´t must be.I just wait for the answer from admins don t trash talk my topic.

    You used a hack and you got caught. It flagged you with a +24.8% increased in damage with the Dual VZ-61. I have 1,000+ kills with the same gun, and I am not banned because I do not use hacks.

    I do not think there is much point for making donations, unless you just want to give them money.

    No response, no acknowledgment, no in-game effect.

    Just fair warning for everyone.

    I sent him a Conversation Message and he said there is an issue with the admin software. You just have to wait for him to fix it.

    It is very clear in the first video that he is using aimbot because he is aiming at the doorway then he instantly 180 degrees snaps to a spotted person at C flag at the apartments behind him through the wall.