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    What important now is to solve the problem instead of make the contradiction more severe. Since the day is to come, I don't want to see people cursing each other because they're opposed to what they think either from personal preference facet or from the trackable stats. As antitoxis said, it's also hard for him to make the choice and he will work out a best way to solve it. As I emphasized before, I insist to keep PB4 alive but I also don't want to see people fight with each other just because of the server. So now we don't need to complain it anymore as I promised that I will support the charge of PB4 with reduced slots on my own while others remain. As long as antitoxis approve it, I will donate immediately! So this time let me save my beloved PB4 no matter what the result will be!

    I appreciate that there're more people want PB4 to stay than PB5 as decimal showed. However what I want to express is that since it's not a very large wining, we should still take the future of PB clan into our consideration. So now I just want to solve the problem instead of seeing people cursing each other after whichever server is shut down like 'you fool why do you vote for this one! you totally destroy the future of this game!' Hence if you guys really don't want to lose PB4, support what I'm trying to do as I mentioned in the post above, and prove it by entering into the PB4 with reduced slots once antitoxis approve my application!

    I need to add this to what I said above.

    I come out with this idea NEITHER because I plan to usurp to be a new admin of PBclan, NOR because I want to confuse people that I am 'rich' or something alike, NOR because I want to separate PB4 out. I'm a realistic one and I cherish what I already have, I don't want to feel the pain of losing something I love. So I think it's never to late to compensate for it. That's it. If antitoxis allow me to support PB4 by that I will do it instantly.

    OK now it seems that PB5 will win the battle but there're still many people wish PB4 to stay. As I said, I feel shame not to donate until I know one server will be shut down. But What comes to my mind is that I believe I can compensate it by another way. I will donate certain amount every month to support PB4 by myself, while with reduced slots.

    As I mentioned before, I agree what willy said somesort, but now after checking all the servers I think the more important reason people only want to play DLCs in PB servers instead of others is because they respect the fame of PB servers, not because the 'poor quality' of DLC maps. You can't judge the map quality simply from our servers - you said there're many other servers running DLC maps but they're empty, hence you get the conclusion DLC maps are bad-however, at the same time, there're 3x times more servers only running vanilla maps and then what? They're also empty like those DLCs servers are! So when you compare them in the same fashion, they aren't like what you think. What drives people to play in PB servers is its fame. We create a good environment and service for them. So I'm sure if PB4 is closed even if there're bunch of guys want to play DLCs, they don't want to come to those random ones. Hence I decided to support it at my best can.

    I found that people are in favor of small scale battle in DLC servers. So I think I may spend $17(Or €17?) as the price shown in to support our PB4 with a 24slots scale and see if there're still people don't want to be fucked up with those boring vanilla maps. I will contact antitoxis to see if possible.

    And also antitoxis, I once read your post about the cost for running all those servers. But since it's written in Deutsch I can't understand all of them clearly. Could you pls give a summary here about the cost?

    I appreciate all your efforts to run PB servers. I never have any attempt to blame you for anything:saint: Just as I said before, without your servers this game will die immediately. And that's why I said I will accept whatever the result is, even it seems that my vote is contrast to yours8o

    Nominally your analysis is comprehensive and it makes sense.:/ I'm partly convinced and decided not to proceed any more. Not because it's impossible to find a breakthrough but that neither of us can decide it individually. I've made my choice and I'll stick to it. But also I'll accept whatever the result is and that's what I said about leaving it to the judgement of fate and destiny8o

    I acknowledge that I feel sorry about having not donated until recently. Not only because I was used to play freely in servers of BF3 and BF4, but also I don't have a real source of 'income'. I promise that even if PB4 is closed, I will donate a large amount to revive it as long as I can afford it:evil:.

    I acknowledge there're fewer people in PB4 but not that much. There're more than 10 players obviously. After all EA didn't give all 4 DLCs for free and that costs extra cash. The only weakness of PB4 is that its peak hour ends up earlier than others, but during the peak hours there're always with 30-50 players scale. I believe as long as PB4 was closed, the significant reduction of game content diversity will further sweep out players because they will find what they paid are just for those 11 pity vanilla maps, or even to feel that it's as if this game only had 1 map to play? I hold my opinion that it's unwise to limit oneself at a certain map and a certain playstyle just like lockers in BF4 and metro in BF3. Those only play in 1 or 2 maps are not 'playing' the game anymore. They are just like robotically repeating the same procedure again and again. It reminds me of someone in BFH forum said that there're always players only play 1 map in 1 mode with 1 weapon and finally come to complain 'this game is in lack of content!'

    Same, I have to acknowledge all I said are personal opinions. The finally result won't be decided by only you or me. So let's wait for the judgement of fate and destiny?(

    There is a reason, why PB5 has more traffic than PB4. Dust Bowl is a very popular map and there are lots of players, who like and want to play only on that map. I'm the best example. Since I started to play Hardline, I always played on Dust Bowl. Not because I didn't try other maps, but because I loved to play on Dust Bowl. And if PB5 gets the most votes, that would be very sad for me. But this isn't up to personal preference. We or the admins have to consider the traffic like willy said. That would be the best/consistent solution I think.

    It makes sense. But actually we can still make a little change to decrease your loss if possible. The way is to add 2 or 3 rounds of dust bowl per rotation in PB1 once PB5 is down(since PB1 only runs 1 round of dust bowl per rotation). By doing so it's somesort 'merging' PB5 into PB1 and I believe that can still satisfy your demanding of playing dust bowl.;)

    I've played on PB servers for long time but today is the first time I ever donated.?( I feel really sorry about it. It reminds me of an old saying that 'you will cherish it only when you lose it'. These servers are the only reason why BFH is alive. I believe this game will die instantly the day when there were none of PB servers running. I will donate more if possible:)