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    Like I said, for you to be unbanned on our servers Anti would have to put you on the Protected list on Metabans, so that your ban from his followed JAH-server don't apply to PB-servers.

    Only he can do that so you'll have to wait for his reply.

    Alright, how can I communicate to Antitoxis? does he know about my problem already? I'm waiting already for a second day.

    Hello, am I unbanned or not ? I just don't understand.

    Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: No bad language! Permanent

    Now my reason of kicking looks like this. When I come to LF, or any server else. :'(

    it seems so because of old Jah's ban o_O which expires at 2037 year ! I could play another servers with this ban before, but now I even when I am unbanned, I can't play anything because of this ban. lol.

    can you unlock me please to let me play my game for 1 month, because I will move to another country and I wanted to play it while I have a free time on that :'(((....

    To clarify: You haven't been banned for 2 months just for saying "cyka" one or two times.

    Whoever takes the time to scroll through your chatlogs will see that virtually all of your ingame chat interactions with other players consist of either insults, russian language, spam or a combination of these three. All of which are against the rules.

    Be grateful that the ban was only 2 months, seeing how you've been banned a whopping 4 times already it could've been permanent... so consider yourself lucky.

    yep, I know. but when I Play LF servers, it is their jurisdiction and LF should decide ban me, or not.

    also LF doesn't ban for a bad language, cause I didn't insult there anybody, they don't ban for "suka" words .

    Also I had to communicate with my team and send a combination of messages, it wasn't a spam.

    I won't play your PB servers of course anymore, cause I don't wanna be banned for nothing again.

    So, when my ban is over, why can't I play any server? What's going on ?


    Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: bad language

    So if I say Suka to you girlfriend you just smile about it because it is the simplest bad word?

    PB stands for respect to each other... To remind you... PB is a platform you are allowed to play on when you comply to their rules. Buying a game with multi-player capabilities doesnot mean you can play everywhere following your own rules... You can still play your game on other servers... Single player works as well...

    Suka is not an insulting, Okay? when you say it just suka, or your girflriend is suka - it's 2 big differences .

    !But my ban is OVER and I am kinda "FREE" but I still can't play it.


    Other question remains... Is the bad language just a bad period in history? PB also bans on bad language...

    I've been banned for a "suka" words. it's not insulting. In Russian this is the simplest bad word, which means a female dog.


    even when the ban is expired !

    Admins, this is an iniquity !


    Bad Language


    about an hour ago

    1 Jul, 2017 09:02

    the Ban is expirated, it's 10:57 now.

    still can't join any server.

    enforcing to ban and kicks me.

    I was banned for 2 months and I still can't play.

    Can you give me back my own game ? ;\

    Your problem is you language! So if you are banned on our server because of your language, you are banned on other servers.

    This is not my problem, this is your Problem.

    You have friends on LF? So ask them to unban you not me...

    There is no such BAD AWFUL LANGUAGE to be banned on all the servers for the huge time of 2 months as you thought! I didn't insult anybody. It is not worth it .

    Admin of LF has unbanned me, but it still kicks me for bad language because of you .

    I always wonder when someone has a power, then he always thinks that he has a SIMULATOR OF GOD.

    You have banned all my game, which I bought for 30$, with a doubtful reason .

    you ruined my hangout life with my friends >:0 ! you are like a US police, which kills a kids with a water gun.

    Lol, I don't need your PB server anymore ! ! !

    who da faq gave you rights to ban me on LF servers ?

    o_O too much of power? you forbid me to play on LF which is not your own ! only LF's admin can judge me ! I have a good relations with LF and have a good mates there. Now because of you I can't play there as well because it kicks me !

    pech gehabt. wer sich nicht benehmen kann hat auf den servern nix verloren:

    Меня забанили на всех сервах из-за сраного РВ, это какая-то дичь. я теперь не могу играть в BFH !

    Какой-то админ руководит всеми сервами? что за хрень? я не могу на свой любимый LF зайти даже.