Beiträge von Kurac

    Hi again

    i dont know why you locked the previos tread, everything i have writhen there was true.

    Maybe fanny but true, and i dont think that you are stupid but that you made a mistake.

    you ban the account based on couple of good rounds and video that shows good gameplay.

    if you look at the overal stats there is noting special just a average player :

    and we pretty much suck in BF1

    and one and only ban in any game and in any server is from you

    just be fair and unban it is a mistake.

    never have used even cheat codes in single player !

    1. banned on your server

    2.ban reason : Aimbot Hack Videoproofed

    3. ingame name : KURAC392



    - What do you think came to the Ban?

    my kid played that morning and he is very good player

    - Why should we unban you?

    so the father of the banned one can play hardline while his kid plays BF4, BF1 and COD

    hardline is simple and i like it, my kid does not.

    - Other remarks

    i think BFH is similar to COD and my kid play a lot of that game so he did very good on your servers and he got banned for that.

    there is no aimbot only fast reflekses and recoil control.

    but anyway please unnban kurac392 so the father can play ocasionaly on your servers.