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    The LF2 is not on our big banlist, its a private server sponsored by an LF Member. And unban-requests belong in the forum, not on the server! We admins do this in our freetime, we dont get any money or something like that. So you need to respect our privacy. This forum is the place to talk about unban-requests and not disturbing us on our hobby playing this game! And that is a ban-reason!

    I need to write a request on the LF website? Do I understand correctly? And then I do not understand English well. It seemed to me that you claimed that I asked for a unban during the game, on the game server. But I did not do this, you can check all chatlogs. I just play very often on this server, for me it is very important. I did not do anything to anyone, I did not break the rules. And I do not understand why I got a ban. I would very much like to receive the unban

    The LF2 is not on our big banlist, its a private server sponsored by an LF Member. And unban-requests belong in the forum, not on the server! We admins do this in our freetime, we dont get any money or something like that. So you need to respect our privacy. This forum is the place to talk about unban-requests and not disturbing us on our hobby playing this game! And that is a ban-reason!

    I never asked for unban on the server. I asked about this only on forum. You can check all the chatlogs,this was not. I am very sorry. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I meant no offense. Is this ban temporary? Can I get unban?

    For what I got a ban on LF2 Rescue? I did not break the rules of the game, I did not insult anyone and did not want to offend anyone. I respect Redskins and all other server administrators. I just wanted to clarify the situation with my friend OUT OF THE SERVER. Why ban me on the server?

    P.S. I was banned only on LF2 Rescue, but in the banlist for some reason I do not

    I spectated another person on the [CELTS] server. HVGpunk sends me battlelog chat messages asking me "why am I spectating him?" I was like wtf are you talking about then I thought about it. He must be using hacks in order to know I am spectating in the game. I looked him up and saw he was banned for wallhacks in the LF server. I started to spectate him and everytime I enter the other server, he plays for a few seconds then he leaves the server. He does this many times. Eventually I recorded him using wallhacks. This is the only video where you can see wallhacks, I have other videos where I see him in the server, I join spectator, and then he leaves the server, I join the server, he leaves. He is difficult to spectate and record videos.

    • Start watching at 1:00.
    • At about 1:10 when the spotted guy runs away, he will try to shoot at the next spotted guy who is behind the wall bush/hill. He tries to shoot at him 2 times. He later appears at 1:25. This is not a spectator bug. He is clearly zoomed on him using wallhacks.
    • At about 4:26 when the guy spawns in front of him while aiming down his Red Dot Sight, he still follows him with his sights and tries to shoot at him running behind the wall bush/hill.
    • If he was not using wallhacks, he would not try to shoot at the wall.
    • At 6:18, he dies then he leaves the server. He knows I was spectating him many times.

    I just posted his Ban Request on the [CELTS] forum.

    Interesting. I can not argue with anything, because I have not seen the whole situation. I can only say that the proof at 4:26 is weak. He probably just wanted to get out of the thickets in the aiming mode, so that the arrow can be wound up and kill the opponent. In addition, in this place sometimes the textures are shot through. He saw this player, the muffler was still on the rifle. Therefore, to make a couple of extra shots in this situation is a common thing. But here is the moment at 1:10 almost 100% proof:/

    UPD: the man behind the bush was tagged. So this is also not proof

    Waiting for video from B4n4n45p1i7

    I apologize if someone hurt or offended. On the PB and LF are excellent admins. But we are all people, we can make mistakes. It would be desirable simply to understand this situation and to dilute the person if he is innocent. Once again I apologize

    I just think that any ban should have 100% proof. There were no Proofs at all. The desire to hear comments from the Redskins-de. What difference does it make who asks for thinness, me or my friend? There is evidence - the player is guilty, there is no evidence - the player is clean. I thought so. He had long asked about the thinness of the Redskins himself, but the Redskins refused him

    Ingame Name: HVGPunk

    - Ban reason: Wallhack

    - What do you think came to the Ban?

    My friend often killed the admin Redskins-de. Redskins became angry and banned him

    - Why should we unban you?

    There are no proofs that my friend uses cheats. There are no videos, etc. This was a personal initiative of the admin. My friend asked me to clarify the situation, but no one wanted to hear him. I think Redskins was just wrong, maybe he had a bad day. It's okay, we all once make mistakes. HVGPunk is an honest player. I think you can not ban a player without proof. I ask other admins to consider this happening:)

    Quake Champions was my first game in the series of quake) the game is very cool, dynamic and skill-dependent. Develops thinking in critical situations and conditioned reflexes. The gameplay reminded me of titanfall. On it very spectacular tournaments, even more spectacular, than on cs go (IMHO). I even had my favorite players: Belarusian Clawz (my countryman) and Swedish Toxiq. It is a pity that the PR company in the game is very weak. Yes, and the time of such games has passed( Now everyone loves casual games or a battle royale. I think that now there is a degradation of fps-genre

    80% that it's an aimbot. You can see a robotic aiming on the head of the second guy in the 16th minute (when he made 2 fragments with a revolver). Well, the moment at 19:55 speaks for itself. He plays very badly, very badly thinks tactically in the game, but in terms of shooting sometimes gives superfrags. The situation is typical for almost all cheaters

    First, figure out what the hell "nazism" as a term actually does mean. In the context you meant, correct term would be "russophobia".

    Russian players (from Russian Federation) are second largest group after Germans. In reality, Russian-speaking players exceed every single other nationality/language (Swiss and Austrians could also be speaking German) in servers because players from Ukraine, Belorus and other CIS countries - all also speak mostly Russian. Plus former Soviet countries now in EU (Baltic states) - also about 1/4 - 1/2 are Russian-speaking. And that, my friend, is reflecting in server's chat.

    To claim that there's so much French, Spanish and what else is IMHO pure demagogy. "Look at them, they have done it too!" - like kindergarden.

    I constantly see how someone writes in Spanish, Portuguese or French, almost every match. And the words in these languages are not less than in Russian, even more. Only now Russians are constantly being scolded for their language, and Europeans are not. Ok, then that guy is Russophobe, but that's not the point. I just want the rules to be the same for everyone. I constantly see Russophobia in the chat, but these people are not blocked. And when someone says something bad about Europeans or Americans, they are quickly banned. But here even a little in other essence: a little whom even from Russian players block for Russian. But they banned me, because people on the server to me initially biased attitude, in particular, because they consider me a cheater or I play with M110K5. Take for example KampToKill: you know why he complained to me?) In principle, I have already understood everything and I understand, it is impossible to write in Russian on the chat. This is not an official server, and administrators have every right to dispose of the server as they want. I partly acknowledge my guilt, although I do not consider this decision fair. But I have no more complaints.