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    is that how you say "thanks" in your language .. ?

    Waranasse Squad f c k admin  June 6, 2018 11:09 PM

    yes i switched a bunch of players since you, Highcko and Mas0h where raging the way overpowered team with 2 attack-helis in downtown and people got frustrated ... that is my right as an admin and a lot asked for balance so i did in the next round.

    later you said "thanks admin" in public chat - maybe you didnt know we can also read squad chat :-) 

    then yesterday you came in the game again complaining about this .. i explained in chat why i teamswitched players in next round to prevent your rage

    now today you come up with this again, accusing me of admin abuse???

    i should have tbanned you for admin-insult right away!

    take the 2 week cooler now!

    @camp: no autoit is not on the ban-list anymore, i use it to program quick apps and tools for work. even use it everytime i play BF (my hooah applet).

    @engella .. u completely misunderstood my post. i didnt accuse you, just wanted to warn you because i think it is still on the ban list. maybe read again.

    i have Cheat Engine

    i wouldnt recommend launching it on any BF-game memory maybe not even launch it while BF is on!!

    to all who dont know it this is a pretty common memory viewer that can be used for a lot of other purposes than cheating


    sepculations are wild about where this comes from. and without any assistance from EA/EB/PB it is almost impossible to find out. if you sue them, maybe they will assist, but restarting the game from 0 would be cheaper and faster (for a single guy) ... its sad - i tend to beleive you guys but cant really help here.

    most violations come from a "signature" (some string in a running program). in the case i mentioned it was an official AutoIt Library that contained the signature and since they found it in a hack they banned all AutoIt Programs using this common library.

    So collecting data of what all banned guys had installed in common (like the mentioned Excel-File) is the right way to track down the cause.

    @hans: well once you are banned you cannot test this anymore .. you are banned by GUID ...

    this is a cross-platform ban ... i suspect this to be a FP caused by a program or component.

    thanks .. i suspected win10update, can eliminate that from the list - and finally let it install.

    ... yeah camp2kill is such a fair player :-))) ... we had that story before ... dont bother comments like that

    just curious: is there a further description provided to Violation AIMBOT #52120 by PB (Punkbuster) or EB (Evenbalance) ? i couldnt find nothing.

    To all banned:

    - did it show you a program (.exe) that caused the violation?

    - did it give you a proper time when it happened? and tell if you personally played at that time?

    - what OS do you have? and if win10 did you install the last WIN10 update yet?

    - do you use self-compilde programs like autohotkey, autoit or such ...?

    .. you should try to find the program causing this ... EB / PB (Punkbuster) should really give a hand here (since either we have thousand of hackers or a false-positive)


    i created an LCD-Applet for Logitech-Keyboards for BF3, 4, H and (i beleive it was in times of BF3) it was detected False-Positive, which i could proof with source-code - and all the users of the applet got un-banned if they were banned fo using the program "hooah.exe" which was my applet.

    Please excuse my curiosity but where do they get this hacks from though? Seen some but they all (allegedly) being detected by PB

    READ my friend! .. i am stating that tons of cheat dont get detected by Punkbuster or fairfight .. very hard to understand :-) for trolls like you may be or whoever you relate to :-))) maybe its not me having a problem - thanks for closing!

    Good luck , if PunkBaster or Fairplay didnt kick him he dont hack simple as that .

    which planet do you come from?

    did any of the 1000+ players we banned with proof get banned by PB or fairplay?

    Everyone is invited getting involved here spectating and recording possible cheaters. You all can be heroes enlightening us just like M.V.

    hi guys,

    thanks for complaining and starting a thread here!

    I must agree: balancing the teams is an unsolved problem .. if not a mission impossible.

    sometimes we spent half the round-time switching complete squads to keep the game fair. we know that this is just an attempt and we know that it sucks to get team-switched (hey i am an admin here and i get switched about every 5th round).

    just saying, we try to administrate fair, we invest a lot of time and i can guarantee you guys here smelling a pattern, that there is none!

    we are really trying our best here to get the majority having fun! and i am keen enought to say we are doing a better job then on any other servers.

    Pls read this also: Server Administration

    we will consider all of your complaints and ideas to improve things.