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    I stop talk about you long ago dont use this bs, Yeah yeah I dont know anything we all stupid only Rhan is expert.

    At the end of day private hack cannot be show on spectate mod simple as that everyone assuming you clean no one know for sure.

    your lovely partner that call me camp on the roof base is argument on one map forget that if not me he will keep exploit Air-con until now and all is kills on this map was for 100% glitch and using the name CampToKill and try to tell everyone the are stupid and dont know how to lean . (I dont know how to play)

    I dont ask much I just ask to find way to spectate player without he know. you can agree or not but if player know someone spectate him he will change is game .

    I wish we can disable chat log hack worst the bad language .

    btw if you dont have record PB cant ban private hack you will never have record.

    But as you imply I dont know how to play dont understand the game noting


    B4n4n45p1i7 , I know how the law work .

    Tell me how I can fight this if every time I am on spectator he can see me?

    I try so many time to video him each time he joke on me when I was on spectator mod

    And he didnt had crazy numbers much more normal but when no one on spectator mod no one can stop him.

    As you can see even here he think "delusional" but everyone know private hack cant be detect but everyone assuming is good.

    I dont buy this "good" player sorry .

    I just need better tools to spectate without anyone know will be happy for some advice here


    Hi Guys,

    Please someone tell me why when player that part of this community

    kill like that http://battlelog.battlefield.c…51558406777920/241098082/

    and dont count hacker but if someone no one know count hacker?

    You guys tell me bring video sorry to tell you the min I am on spectated mode he see me.

    So its very easy for him to remove the hack so how exactly we can fight it ?

    If we need to fight private hack please remove from chat log the ability to know if someone spectate the server

    Btw he spend all time on chat log I dont know how many players spend there time on chat log in game time.

    Unless he need to know something and I am sure its not what we have to say about him on our group chat.

    Please help.


    mas0h as much as I dont like you in game your ping save your ass loooooool

    I think you old enough to ignore them I think we need guys like you in our great community

    keep up great work .

    You can't see the body of player behind wall ( wallhack ) at spectator mode.

    so if you cant see how you know he have it ? so its true you cant see wallhack in spectator mode so you just assuming he using wallhack.

    Cachopleo I dont try to protect hackers trust me . I hate hackers more then you know

    Aimbot at 0:34?

    My friend you need to come play TDM and you see so many B,S shoot and the are not hack.

    Wall hack mean you see player that hide behind wall that the basic idea of wall hack I dont see the body of player behind wall.

    Aimbot not sure as most of the kill he use sniper and there are a lot of shoot even the developer cant explain and the are not hack.

    I wont say why he got ban.

    I watch guy today shoot above the head and kill so god know who is cheat and who is not .

    we not expert we all assuming someone is cheating only things who kiss ass better and know how to use cheat better .

    I think admin banned him so its no matter what we think lol