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    Mechanical keyboards are more nosier than rubberdome key switches like on the Logitech G510. You are going to either love it or hate it and get use to it. You should watch some YouTube reviews on Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum and go to a store if possible to hear what a mechanical keyboard would sound like.

    I have the Logitech G610 Brown switches (brown switches is supposedly the quietest mechanical switches), but they are louder than rubberdome switches and less noisy compared to red, blue, and black switches. I am already use to the noise. I can tell the difference when I use a non-mechanical keyboard. The faster you type, the louder it gets on red, blue, and black switches. Some people enjoy hearing the clicking noise as they type.

    If you like Logitech's macro software for the keyboard, you should get a Logitech gaming mouse too. The gaming mouse will help replace your loss of programmable G keys you had on the G510 keyboard. If Logitech had a mechanical version of the G510, I would buy it. Corsair has a mechanical keyboard similar to the G510 except without the digital screen but their keyboard software is not as easy as Logitech's software.

    A lot of info I cant use as I care about keyboard performance not noise same for mouse .

    And I dont use any programming on mouse and keyboard

    Hi All,

    Like to buy new keyboard and mouse I own Keyboard Logitech G510 and Mouse Razer Deathadder Chroma

    Main reason I like to change I think my keyboard lost its performance last time I clean it or coffee on dont remember exactly :)

    And the mouse I have issue I cant explain but some time left button just do double click when I press one not sure

    I see it mostly when working on window .

    I like to buy this ones what you think?

    Keyboard : Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum

    Mouse : Razer Basilisk - Chroma



    For me i think that this NightBeast is just like yard31 evryone kill him say that he is a hacker or a cheater.

    and he use Glitch too in The Block map in the roof. so dont be like that and try hard to be like Th3_Rahn.

    not because he is better than you it's mean that he is cheating ;)

    Go open topic on general forum lets all talk about it not here

    Rhan I dont glitch I dont exploit dam I dont even know how . I told you oldschool play the game as is.

    I dont even bind key like Q function that other do and I have all gaming equipment. AS IS :).

    you know how many "top" players glitch but I not always on there sides .

    I be honest I am not hypocrite as you think I will be very happy if you get the ban by PB rules I dont hide it. and I will always look for your small mistake same as I did to CampToKill .

    I vote two servers pb1 and pb2 the are the most active servers.

    I think ones a week it will be good to change them to different mode and no need more then two

    will be line to get in that is for sure :)

    As I said the mk110 dont feel real gun :) just way over power gun with spry and no need to pray enemy will die lol

    I recommend stop play with bs guns .

    I try the mk110 full of shit same as FAL and few others I dont read all the small things and tweaks of the game I dont care.

    This is why I mostly using M16A3 or M416 I think the give you the best feeling of real assault rifle .

    I think mk110 is joke ppl use it only cuz it kill with 0 aim skill spry around the player he will die