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    What does a Scren shot proof? You cant see nothing on a single image...

    its collect few screenshot of same player and if the screenshot is blocked that mean something is bad or something else dont need to be there

    Let think its common sense you really think hacker that know you can see player(spectat mod) will do cheat that can easy check by anyone ?

    Hi Guys,

    I dont know if he cheat or not.

    I just know he kills start to look very strange and he keep call everyone cheater or aimbot but he keep

    Killing everyone with very high CR welcome to check latest report on the TDM server

    I must add that this player talk very bad all the time .

    I play against him for some time he start to be "expert" past few weeks he never had very good CR




    Not everyone have 10 PC at home I dont think he lie I spoke with him its not some kid you think we all are

    But I guess you can glitch others cant .

    Not sure why some player allow to glitch and others dont (CTK)

    CampToKill ,

    I can see you dont really understand how its work .

    the problem is not your internet speeds the problem is the distance .

    I have same problem when I try to play on US server and I have very fast internet .

    I dont care you camp I care about the fact the who ever try to kill you dont manage

    everyone complain about you on the server today .

    and with all the respect camping dont give you 90 kill and 21 dead

    As I said your ping kill our game I dont have problem to die I have problem I cant kill someone cuz he is lagg


    Hi Guys,

    I was just finish to play on the server and I finish for one reason only CampToKill, Now I dont have problem he camp

    I have big problem with 170-200 ping that make him very lag and everyone think he cheat now I dont know if he do

    I just know he cant be kill I was on is back need full clip to kill him 2 fit from him.

    There is limit that players can keep die cuz is ping .

    I know you guys dont kick for that kind of ping but this just drive player crazy including me

    If you dont like to change ping limit a least kick players that have problem with ping

    you welcome to join TDM and see your self

    Please help us

    Btw he is nice guy but undead guy



    Hi Guys,

    My name is NightBeast (boaz)

    I like to join PB .

    I am 43 years old, gamer in my soul I am oldschool I try to be as nice as I can in game unless someone cross the line

    I dont like players exploit bugs or anything in game I know a lot of time I call some players cheater but this is come from a lot of a motion in game

    As one of my friend said to me one time long ago who ever kill me is cheater ;) .

    I have very good PC I use the game as is I dont change anything as I said oldschool if you cant play it clean you cant play ;)

    Anyway I was away for some time and got back past few month look like PB is nice home for oldschool player

    I will donate as much as I can .

    That is it .


    Hope you I approve me


    hi Masirius_PhysiX,

    I saw the video tell you the truth hard to know its can be luck or something else

    I look how cheat look over the net and most of time you see something some extra "hub"

    If you think this is cheat come check the guys on TDM PB2 server you will see kill from end of map

    And "good" player never called cheater and if you do call them the will tell you that you are noob

    So I think if you dont see "hub" or some software proof its not cheat :( (BS)

    Good job for have time to do it

    Hi guys,

    Nice to meet you all.

    I know PB for very long time over 2 years I did take long break from the game (clash of king took most of time)

    Now I back to play hope you all have fun in game play clean

    NightBeast old guy (43) love games