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    beleidigungen konnte ich bei den Chatlogs dieses Spielers jetzt keine erkennen. Zumindest nicht in einem Maß, welches bestrafungswürdig wäre.

    Was die Anschuldigungen betrifft: Wir können niemanden für die Äußerung einer Meinung bannen.

    Ob ihr tatsächlich cheatet oder nicht ist dabei irrelevant, jeder hat das Recht seinen Verdacht zu äußern auch wenn dieser aus erster Sicht eventuell unbegründet ist.

    Sieh es positiv: Jede Hack-Anschuldigung ist für einen legitimen Spieler ein indirektes Kompliment.

    You were banned for spamming before. Doesn't take a genuis scrolling through your chatlogs to see why.

    Then you were banned again just recently. Came to us with a proposition to delay your ban by 1 month so that you can enjoy your vacation playing videogames.

    Your request was granted under one condition:

    However know this: If you step out of line again during this time the ban will be permanent with no chance to appeal.

    I thought you were smart enough to lay low for the month and sit out your ban afterwards. Apparently I was wrong.

    As soon as the ban-delay was in effect you were back on the server spamming as usual.

    Now, I don't know what you were thinking. You're either...

    - Incapable of behaving according to our rules


    - Mistaking our leniency towards you for inability to crackdown on rule-breakers


    - Thinking that we're stupid and wouldn't notice.

    Whatever the case may be: You're obviously not suited for playing on our servers.

    The ban is permanent, end of. You had your chance, shouldn't have wasted it.


    Your proposal seems fair enough, I don't want to rob someone of their free time playing videogames if the punishment can be postponed with the same effect.

    However know this: If you step out of line again during this time the ban will be permanent with no chance to appeal.

    We can only be so lenient, don't push it.

    Ban postponed to 9th of September till 9th of October!

    Like ramming his own team? Or ramming the enemy?

    Either way we're gonna need some proof in order to confirm your accusations.

    A video would be ideal.


    as immature as this action from him is... we can't ban people for just changing names, unless they directly insult or clearly try to impersonate someone with malicious intent.

    Accusing someone of hacking is neither of those things.

    If we were to ban everyone who ever falsely accused someone then half the server would be gone.

    In this specific case you should even show some empathy for the guy, I've come across him multiple times and he clearly suffers from some sort of mental disorder.

    If venting the frustration of his disability through a videogame is an option it's probably for the best, so long as he doesn't break any of our rules.

    Normally I'd recommend him getting some professional medical help... but since americans don't have access to any healthcare that's probably not an option right now.

    Technically the mammoth gun is capable of one-shot (headshot) kills up to 75 meters. So that shot isn't impossible by any means.

    If you suspect him of cheating then go ahead and record a lengthy portion of his gameplay (2-3 mins minimum!) and post it here.

    So far we don't have enough evidence to judge whether ot not he's using third party programs.


    ich antworte hier mal auf Deutsch. Denke, dass du die Sprache beherrschst ^^

    Da keine Beweise vorliegen, die von einer Benutzung Cheats deinerseits überzeugen könnten, wurde der Bann entfernt.

    Über die Existenzberechtigung einer Votebanfunktion auf den Servern hab ich mich zu dessen Einführung damals schon zur Genüge geäußert.

    Du bist nicht der erste, der völlig sinnfrei gebannt wurde *hust*.

    Was die Beleidigungen des Typen angeht würde ich ihn zwar gerne bestrafen... aber leider sind meine Rechte dahingehend, aufgrund eines sehr nervigen Bugs der Stats-Seite, extrem begrenzt.

    Du musst dich gedulden bis einer der anderen Admins Wind davon bekommt.

    Anschuldigungen ohne jegliche Beweise werden von uns ignoriert.

    Vor allem bei so hirnrissigen Behauptungen wie "braucht mind. 3 Headsshots, um getötet zu werden"... solche Hacks existieren nicht einmal.



    does this profile look familiar to you?


    No? Well let me help you then: It's your previous account that got banned for aimbotting ~6 months ago.

    If you aren't cheating why didn't you appeal with that account instead of trying to bullshit us, pretending not to know why you're barred from playing on our servers in the first place?

    You're lucky that it was BD6 who banned you as he has the last say in this. If it was up to me you'd get denied instantly for trying to pull this crap on us.