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    Enough of the off-topic spam already, going to close this to prevent further nonsense.

    Revan if you want to post another video just make a new thread ^^

    To be fair you were provocating him, calling people noobs repeatedly isn't exactly good behaviour from your side either.
    Plus you were typing spanish in chat, which is against the rules.

    Just like in any other game people say questionable things in the heat of battle, it's become somewhat part of the gaming culture by now and as long as it doesn't escalate it's nothing worth punishing someone over.

    If we were to be strict regarding things said we'd have to ban the both of you (and most likely 90% of every player on our servers ever) for language violations but in this case I personally don't see anyone saying things that would be deemed ban-worthy per se.

    Provided that these instances of misconduct don't repeat themselves I'd be content with just reminding people of our rules this time.

    If you've played here for 1 year you should have known the rules by now. It shouldn't be too difficult to understand what "roof" and "glitch" means.

    Again, same as with the last guy, I personally don't think that over 3 weeks of a ban is a feasible punishment for a 1st time offense, but you'll have to wait for the acting admin (Schiggimollo) to make a statement.

    To clarify: We don't want people to be on those roofs, period.

    It doesn't matter if you're sniping, dropping ammo/health/beacons or just sitting there doing nothing. Don't go there.

    You can see where teammates are when you want to spawn in, don't spawn there either. Tell them to get off the roof or report them.

    Granted the ban is a bit long for a first offense given the circumstances, 1-3 days or 1 week max would've gotten across the message just fine.

    As we don't have set guidelines for these it's up to the acting admin to determine the length of bans for different things, if you want to contest that and get the duration reduced you'll have to wait for BD6 to reply.

    Getting you unbanned is not a matter of posting gameplay, there's no such thing as an innocent person having to disprove his guilt, it's the other way around.

    Anti has to step up and voice his opinion on this matter so we can break the tie that's currently on your case as a result of intern disagreements, unfortunately getting him to comment has proven to be disproportionately difficult.

    At this point I no longer care which direction the decision goes as long as we can finally get to conclude one.

    I'll give this until Sunday, if he doesn't turn up until then we'll have to keep the ban active due to a never ending discussion-stalemate... regardless of how much sense this makes or, in this case rather, doesn't make.

    Betrachtet man den kompletten Chatverlauf von den Beteiligten findet man hier und da Fehltritte, die bannwürdig sein könnten... aber das ist bei jedem Spieler so.

    Wenn wir jedes Wort, welches jeder jemals geäußert hat, überprüfen und Beleidigungen bestrafen würden wäre der halbe Server gebannt.

    Das man ab und zu mal flucht ist in Videospielen halt so, solange sich das in Grenzen hält sehe ich da kein Problem.

    Was diesen spezifischen Fall hier angeht sehe ich persönlich zwei Lösungsmöglichkeiten:

    Entweder wir verwarnen nur beide oder wir bannen beide. Gleiches Recht für alle.

    I didn't know that his request was previously denied, stat-padding wasn't a bannable offense last time I checked.

    It's an automatic ban anyways, if he manages to get his DPS down he can play again without us having to unban anything.



    Zunächst mal der obligatortische Rüffel, dass du in das falsche Subforum postest (habs jetzt verschoben) und nicht das Entbann Muster befolgst.

    Abgesehen davon konnte ich jetz nicht wirklich was auffälliges entdecken und habe mal deinen Bann entfernt.

    Hi there,

    please follow the template when posting an unban thread.

    This way we won't miss out on useful information and can start to process your request.