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    - Имя В Игре: Jesus_EPT

    - Бан причина:my account was hacked and after contacting the support service Origin, I recovered the account but when I tried to log into your server I was banned

    - Что вы думаете вышел с Ban? my account was blocked not by my fault but in your rules it's said that I can get free razban but decide of course to you

    - Почему мы должны вас разбанить?my account was blocked for no fault of mine

    - Другие же???????????



    you should not come to our servers, and you get the message that you were "kicked by administrator", please check the following:

    1. Clasp errors out with you. (Will you come to other servers? Do you get a kick only on our servers?)

    2. Go to metabans. There you'll find a list of banned players from us. Can you not find you right there, looking in the search box above your name.

    Should a ban of us are in it, so please note the Ban reason.

    3. Create a theme here with the following structure:

    - Topic of your post: "Playername + Problem (Ban reason)"

    - Ingame Name:

    - Ban reason:

    - What do you think came to the Ban?

    - Why should we unban you?

    - Other remarks

    4. Post your battlereport of the last 2 rounds you were banned (This is a MUST for automatic bans!)


    We will process the latest Create your concerns 2-3 days after.


    :!::!::!::!::!:If you are banned because a aimbot, you can request an unban for free:!::!::!::!:<3

    If you are banned for all other reasons (bad language, roofglitching or other) you have to pay 5€ handling fee. But only after our confirmation.

    If you disregarded our guidelines during your first inquiry, the costs will increase to 10€.

    For info: We do not respond to personal messages, Wall Posts etc. You will only unbanned, if you get in touch here and only with the correct topic. If you ignore this, you will risk a permanent ban!

    We only charge these costs because our effort to run the servers is very high. The money is 100% invested in the servers

    your PB Clan Team


    Здравствуйте. Я не знаю, английский у меня недавно такая проблема, я узнал, что мой аккаунт был изначально захвачен после 3 дней, я обратился в службу поддержки и он был восстановлен, но, когда я попытался войти в свой сервера меня забанили. Игра отключена: вы были исключены администратором. Причина: Multihack, видео выселился. [Пермь] [mas0h] [] я никогда не использовал чит я бы донимать мой ник в игре Jesus_EPT

    Hello. I do not know English I had such a problem recently I found out that my account was originally hijacked after 3 days, I applied to the support service and it was restored, but when I tried to log into your servers I was banned. The game is disabled: you were excluded by the administrator. The reason is: Multihack, Video proofed. [perm] [mas0h] [] I never used a cheat I would like to pester my nickname in the game Jesus_EPT

    здравствуйте у меня возникла такая проблема недавно я обнаружил что мой аккаунт в Origin был Soma примерно через 3 дня я обратился в службу пОдержки и его botany но при попытке зайти на ваши сервера я оказался spare сам я никогда читы не опрос бы отели Порто разбан мой ник в игре Jesus_EPT