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    Cacho I have reported many people before...most of them still playing so I guess EA does not give s... about BFH or in fact any of their titles. I will always put it on log but seem to have no effect at all

    was it aimbot #52120?

    Let's face it : even if they have been some exceptions there are not going unban all these 100's people banned between 27.05 and now. This is where I agree with Camptokill , there will be an amnesty or pardon given no matter what. My suggestion for you is to purchase Origin access for small amount of money (£ 3.99 per month here in UK) you get BFH with all DLC . Me and Jan58DK have already done that. It is tough to lose all achievements and get to start from a scratch but this probably the only way you can play this game again

    everyone gets the same automated reply. Like I said before I would not bother to appeal as this is pointless . Too many banns for whatever reason and will never admit if it was their fault. I have not heard of anyone having ban lifted. I think we might as well close this thread as further discussions are pointless

    I have to be honest with you..... spectated him and even posted video here but in his case I really believe he is just skilled player. Of course I could be wrong

    Duke I wish I could find my ban guid I can't see it on pb ban list- if you can see it on servers log please let me know so I can appeal again. Potential cause : MSI AFTERBURNER, some people recon that European Data protection could have something to do with that but Im at loss.

    I think people of BF 4 forum are compiling some sort of excel sheet to put as much data as poss what progs/apps/ operating systems of those banned have. At least 3 people banned my friend Unit knows use Windows 7 so that might be something there. MarkC_Windows_8.x+7_MouseFix came out in couple of conversations too

    This is not a software conflict because only a small percentage of BFH players got a PB BAN. If hundreds got banned every 2 hours, I would believe it. In my eyes, you guys are cheaters. You tried hacks even if the hack did not work or it your anti-virus blocked it, PunkBuster still detected it and flagged your account. A lot of hacks have malware to steal your account and password. The people who coded the hack could have logged into your account without you knowing about it.

    This is pretty much the end of all Battlefield and Call of Duty games with PunkBuster and dedicated servers (COD 2, COD WAW, & COD4). I suggest you guys to go play a game on Steam and buy BF1 or BF5. You should format your PC to remove any traces of hacks you guys tried. Never ever go to a hack site again.

    Going to hack sites does not mean anything just like reading about criminals does not make you one of them. Yes I did visit hack site just to find out how many more are undetected. Anyway we had this conversations so not need to go over this again . Using paid hacks is like paying for sex really I do neither of these :) You are of course entitled to your opinion but seriously I would not jump into conclusions that all these PB bans were just and we were all cheating. It could 100's of reasons .

    All I got is aimbot 5 something no more information, still happening after fresh Windows/BFH install. Tried to run with no programs installed just what I needed for the game. Same thing after about 30 secs kick no info on log file. Im running Windows 7 64 ultimate. I got banned 30.05 around 1912 when recording someone who a lot of people didn't think he was legit

    Nothing heard and don't really expect this to be positively resolved at any time soon. Raising tickets again makes no sens - like stated before they will not lift any bans on grounds of possible software conflict. I'm playing again from level 1 - new account. It cost £3.99 a months to play BFH if you opt for Orgin Access. Ok lost my flirs and Chompi badge but at least I can play game again....well at least for now

    I will try to chat to EA support again and see if they can provide info on my "BF4 ban" that does not allow me to play BFH

    UPDATE: really nice and helpful girl from EA called me few minutes ago. No BF4 ban whatsoever she was very surprised why he told me that last night but at least I know there is no bf4 issues

    I believe that PB f..ed it up and now they will not admit their guilt simply it would have taken months to clear it all out. So best to stick to your guns and say that 100s banns were all cheaters and hackers. Have not look on pb list so not sure if ban wave still continues. I was considering to buy game on my other account but on the second thought to start it all again and then be ban because of some software f..up not sure if that's not wasting £17.00

    that configuration is not working well not for me anyway. Instead of whole message all I can see is:

    [05.30.2018 19:12:22] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    No GUID no info if thats global ban nothing. I can still play BF3 and BF 1. Unless EA guy got it wrong how comes I get "banned" for aimbot on BF4 and can't play BFH