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    You are possibly right about their knowledge of english but apart from servers rules it is also a bit inconsiderate towards other players. Short exchanges in any language are ok but not long chats.

    Fastr- insults galore , references to oral sex, swear words generally very abusive and insulting. Have seen this guy before and remember talking to Banana about servers language filters. Google does translate but no always accurate


    haha o kurwa ja pierdole,papaj wez ssij

    I would give him two weeks just for that

    119GB and tested - its real size but you are absolute right about fakes from China.

    I'm sure we would have hear something but who knows....CELTS was most of times full of hackers and cheaters and no admin to deal with all those issues

    Could admins please clarify situation

    I would even go for remastered BFH but I really doubt we will ever see another one. Right from the start BFH has been like Cinderella of Battlefield series - I didnt start playing until late simply because of bad reviews . Now I see how wrong they all were. Where will EA go after BF5 that's another question . Most likely follow up of BF4 but who knows

    Thanks Banana: I would see as having for example one game of TDM and then vote for HW map (Downtown Derail Dustbowl Everglades) after HW vote for TDM map and so on. If possible please remove Block from TDM - seriously that map sucks, maybe good for 10 vs 10 but not for PB. Would love to see some DLC maps but I don't think that is possible

    Saying all that I understand that vote might get server running the same maps over and over again. An alternative would be just rotating maps in similar order : TDM/HD

    Ok guys I don't want to start new thread so will post in old one. I was under impression that after merge of PB2 and PB3 there will be vote map and server will run TDM and Hotwire . So far server run TDM only maybe is not set up yet not sure. Also I would like to put suggestion forward : with voting system in place there is really slim chance of any HW games being played so perhaps map rotation would be better. Just a though really as there are no other active HW servers running any more

    I guess it must have been some sort of bug. Played with and against Cachopelo for a long time. Initially I was watching him as spectator - yes I admit I was not sure myself first but there was nothing suspicious - I believe is hes is a good player but that's my opinion.

    Thank you guys for your input ...that plus videos on YT make me think twice about buying BF5 . I don't believe that anything will be fixed before release date . I personally would like to see re-mastered BFH instead but that will never happen