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    Servers are more populated on the weekends.

    ok you might be right but from where I can see it they just put last nail in the BFH coffin. Well its long overdue but I don't expect most of players to know how to get to the game. Most servers empty and thats during Easter holidays. Shame on EA

    I thought I will ask you guys as I'm not 100% sure this guys are actually genuine?

    I have accidentally converted my 1TB external Hard Drive to "ESD-USB". Now the only way to recover all my file is through data recovery program. MiniTool Partition Wizard (free version) can only recover files under 1GB, Full version costs nearly £85 which is quite a lot and there no guarantee whatsoever that recovered files will be ok. Cdkoffers sales licence keys for £30. Sounds a bit too good to be true

    Your thoughts will be appreciated

    I understand that its just a shame to see server being empty thats all. IMHO it could be easily populated with different game modes but you are running the servers so its your decision how to run it

    3 years ago I was selected to jury service at Crown Court in Kingston upon Thames. Main piece of evidence for prosecution was CCTV footage from cameras at the place of crime. No matter what defendant said or how much his defence lawyers were trying to undermine images ,this video evidence was enough for us as jury to agree on guilty verdict....

    I'm done with my spectating, last night on LF server I asked EasyOriginal to recreate this situation once again. Nothing that would suggest any spec cam bug. I have researched, asked many BFH players - no one has ever heard about that, no one has ever experienced it. Conclusion : unless otherwise proofed there is no such bug

    You have asked for impartial look at this ban, did try to get toi the bottom of it and did my best to weight all arguments for and against but just like in my court room experience there is video that is an evidence of either a glitch (proof still needed) or sorry to say an exploit or hack. However you might feel I don't think there is an admin conspiracy against you. Your line of defence is not helping your appeal but just my personal opinion

    I have just read your last posts - while I understand you are upset you are really not making it easy for these guys to reconsider your ban. You are of course entitled to your opinions but claiming that you get banned because you are better player then admins will not help you. Have been spectating for last 2 days and still have not seen similar bug/glitch. Whatever happened might have been coincidental but it is down to you to provide proof

    BFH spectator bug- I never heard of that before, yes there is spec bug in BF4 but not in BFH - as far as I know

    In all that I'm not saying that this hack or cheat but something strange happened. Did try to spectate recently to see if there would be similar situation, will try again

    Ooops if its as you have described then Fallout is not game for me.

    BFH is slowly dying but still there few servers that get busy

    BFV got rid of this piece of sh... long time ago

    BF1 in the shocking state. I like the game but no control on servers whatsoever. Scores of 100-3 , EA totally ignoring hacking etc

    Seem to be playing more and more of old Attila Total War

    If I can ask how much do we need and how much has been raised so far?

    Cachopelo has already suggested in-game messages about donating. Considering how many people plays on PB/LF on the regular bases I though there might be a better response but guess people are not aware their money is needed to run servers plus a lot of them are under 18 so they dont have money