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    Hard to answer really. You are right in the way but IMHO basecamping and camping in general does ruin the game sometimes as much hacking/ cheating. BFH is literally on brink of extintion now and what we really got left running are Conquest servers. So in this mod camping might be sometimes a way to get closer to a win. Having said that rules are rules and utlimatly is down to PB admins how they act

    my deepest apologise for language

    to finish this particular topic : it does go a bit mad when one gets banned for no reason. I got new account paid for the game once more so EA can be happy they got few £ more of me. If it was just few of us here then fair enough we were cheaters, got caught etc. This however not so simple - at the time of my ban 100's of BF3 /4/BFH players got banned - strangely enough at about the same first BF5 trailer came out and there was another wave - people cancelling BF5 pre orders. That tells me a lot , I'm 51 and through my work experience I do know a lot of sales/ retails tricks.

    been playing online since I got my first PC in 1998 , never cheated or hacked

    anyway enough said please lock this thread as it no longer serving any purpose

    Hours ? My K.D was barely over 1.00... and remember there are many people played with me on PB / LF servers

    As for the rest : Well I got no reasons to doubt he got banned unfairly just like I did. As for the rest - you are not an admin, you don't even have BFH installed any more so don't fucking tell anyone to disappear. I don't give a toss what likes of you think . This tread was created for specific reason so if you don't like don't post here

    Why do you think this thread was created ? If it was really simple case of cheaters caught admins would never be bothered. It was done when 100's of people got banned in May/June because of some software related f... up well so we thought at the time. However I'm more and more convinced that all these banns are commercially related - they can't get any more money from people playing BF3/4 or BFH . So at least they get people to buy same title again. I'm sure EA would love shut all none BF1/5 servers but that will never happen at least not for now.

    Think whatever you like but played with or against Rokebo for many hours and hes always been legit.

    Maybe EA should pay more attention to rampant hacking/ cheating on all their BF1 and BF5 servers instead

    Kind of question whats is going to happen next really....seems like PB 3 except rare occasions is empty. To be perfectly honest I don't see any point of running it. Maybe mixing HW/TDM is not appealing to player I don't know. Question : would you consider changing mods/maps in order to get this server populated again. Maybe Blood Money/Heist server?…FtW-ovbU3JQa1c/edit#gid=0

    have a look at that list compiled in the summer during massive wave ban. In my case it was combination of MarkC mouse fix, Cheat Engine (used for FIFA18) and possible Afterburner used for recording fishy players. Still think its EA trying to get money of people with unlawful bans but they do have an upper hand on us. Also check if ur name is on pb ban list - it takes ages but eventually it might appear there, if that the case forget about possible appeals,,, it will not happen

    Guys please remember that mistakes do happen and yes there are false positives. I played with Rokebo many matches and there was nothing to indicate that he cheats/hacks. Bugs are another issue - all EA titles are full of them

    I do not want to sound pessimistic but you might get standard reply like we all did during ban wave in June. Got banned for the same reason and guess you have done right thing buying new BFH . As for you cheating - it biggest BS ever. We played many hours together and there was never shadow of doubts about you.

    Just checked my stats and I'm on level 140 and since I was playing on infantry only servers there is no point of playing it a ... pity that BFH got few servers left to play but life goes on so does the gaming.

    that looks pretty good might try it

    Happy New Year :)

    Left BFH for the time being but it seems that my favourite EA tile is going to die pretty soon. Wish that this game got revived (remastered version) but thats my wishful thinking.

    BF 1/5 initially no go territory but now playing it and...feelings still pretty mixed but not as bad as I thought. BF 5 feels very COD ish so BF1 is main game at the moment

    Attila Total War is my sideline. Last decent title CA released so working on few mini mods for that

    Considering to reinstall BF4 but is it worth it?