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    I'm not whining about 5 euros, because I don't really think about paying, also because after that I couldn't change anything about rules.

    Instead I think that these rules are created to avoid whines to the others players.

    Anyway, congratulations for the servers, they will have long life with these rules.

    Btw, good luck playing in these "other servers". If you can even find one, it will not come close to PB in terms of population, all 3000+ cheaters banned in PB servers would have free access to your mythical other servers

    There are others Channel, maybe not very legal but there are.

    Greetings to all

    Hi, Im not very expert in game but...

    Who decided these rules ?

    it's absurd, In my opinion in the game the players are free to move where they want, especially in an old game like BTF HDL.

    What a pity !

    Fortunately there are other server where people can play.