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  • What can I do to lift my punishment?

    • NOTHING, do NOT PM me again.
      We where doing the unusual because YOU promised to behave...
      You did...Like an annoying minor if I may add.
      That resulted in the PERMANENT ban as promised.
      You violated policies 100+ times AND ignored people on chat warning you not to mention several !Yell Warnings on screen....
      That = INSTANT PermaBAN...It's all on yourself.
      We do NOT train people to behave where aren't baby sitters, NORE are we willing to continuesly correct players, time after time.
      Thus, Find yourself a place where No-one cases....1 out of a 10.000.000 servers allows that....
      Good luck in not getting banned AGAIN, Elsewhere.
      You show NO Respect when and where required...
      Thus you no-longer get ANY in return.

      If you choose to spam our forums I will have to place you on several spamlists to preserve our hard and well earned reputations.
      Good Day!

  • Please pardon me. I'm not a criminal.