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  • review your justice admins !

  • you banned me for 2 weeks just for a hackers conversation upload.all the people in the server know that he was the hacker.i dont know how to post any content from the game.This man ISR4EL insults people via using hack.instead of giving me 2 weeks,give a lesson to those cruel israel people.

  • Hello Are you okay
    I was banned for a photo taken and whoever was in the place where I was is the person who reported me.

    Please check in detail for what has happened since there are members of you doing HighroofGlitching and blaming others.

    my nick in battlefield

  • Hello dear Administration ! My account (username Alexbreitling) was banned from all pb servers in BFHD for bad language. Reason - It's was not me. The person who was playing the game that day form my PC is my close friend. He was drunk and stupid. I'm realy sorry for that situation happening with players at that day!

    Could you please unban my account? And surely i'll donate 5 euro for issue of my friend. This is the only game i can relax in it.

    Thank You in advance! I regret this act!

  • nabend seit gestern komme ich nicht mehr auf die server, da steht was von (Grund: highroof-glitching = BAN, next is )
    was ist das??
    lg manuel

  • my name is ISLAM____POLSKA please unbann me for 30$

  • Please go to PB4 highroofers on in there

  • Ihr versteht es nicht nicht

    ich habe hundert mal entschuldigt und bitte mach mein permanant ban weg weil ohne PB kann ich nicht mehr

    bitte , das war ein großen fehler was in LaFamilia passiert ist

    ich mach das nicht mehr , versprochen

  • bitte redskins bitte nur eine chance
    ich schwöre ich kann nicht ohne PB weiter gehen bitte las mich

  • Happy Birthday!

  • REDSKINS i can you unban me now please i want to play with my friend ?

  • Hi Redskins du hast mir vorgeschlagen das ich 5 € Spende und du mir den Bann herausnimmst möcht dich auch nicht damit nerven oder so möchte halt nur wieder auf den Server spielen so lange ich noch Zeit habe könntest du mir vielleicht sagen wie lange so was dauert bis der Bann gelöscht wird

  • ich endschuldige mich fur meine grosse fresse es tut mir leid. und sorry fur mein schlechtes deutsch bin aus holland :)

  • Like to appeal my ban..

  • Hi I have been banned from your server since and came out btf hardline game with you. the ban was my unwanted mistake at respawn time i was reborn near a player who was using a denied post. I repeat I did not want. I ask you to be accepted and accept my apologies I'm 50 years old and I have never used tricks I'm an adult not dirty game.

  • Hey im getting Pb for no reason, could u help?