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  • Hi, my ping is 200ms please increase the 180ms limit to 200ms so i can play when server reach 50 people.

  • OMG

    this is for BIgdukesix, admin from this site, i think why i got probarly banned !
    i got the Logitch g19s keyboard, and i did indeed use fallnet and some other apps to brighten up my keyboard.
    Like the disco applet to let the board flash on music and more for this keyboard.
    Now i wonder if i used your applet and caused this ban !
    I use this software every christmas and new year to lighten up my mouse logitech g9 , keyboard logitech g19s (and headset logitech g35).
    I have this software stored/saved at my external drive so i dont need to download it everytime (so probarly not update also).
    Can you help me with more information about this Bigdukesix ?
    I think i did use your applet also, what can i do , please help me , any info would be nice !

    Message from bigdukesix is from (see date below) , i will get the url/link also !!!!!!

    (this will explain a lot bf4 ban and bfh ban !

    The hoaah.exe is an process i have seen in task manager running, but cant remember the exact date !
    What is the name of the applet you made, im very sure i used it (got also the logitech g15 keyboard).
    Unfortunally i did reinstall windows last year , now im busy to recover deleted files, to find this file (applet) !

    8. Juni 2018

  • Hello Are you okay
    I was banned for a photo taken and whoever was in the place where I was is the person who reported me.

    Please check in detail for what has happened since there are members of you doing HighroofGlitching and blaming others.

    my nick in battlefield

  • hey man where can i report roof glitchers i got proof

  • please dont leave messages for me here!
    open a thread in the forum as a registered user!
    i will not answer here.